Office 365

Cool Features of Office 365 and Their Benefits

For technology lovers, Office 365 is an incredible application. It has many advance features. Personal and Business editions of Office 365 are available to choose from. Here are some cool features of Office 365 to evaluate its efficiency and let you decide to consider the tool for your personal or professional purpose.


For professional users, Office 365 offers work in group opportunity. A work place means sharing information and collaborating ideas. Work as one group is what an office performs. With 1 TB of storage per user, Office 365 offers enough space to store files and share them. You can able to share files not only in office but also outside your company. With multi-party HD Video, Shared calendars and content, you can able to work as a team.


This is an intelligent application, it helps to manage your emails smartly. The clutter feature de-clutters your inbox by moving lower priority messages to a new clutter folder. The feature learns from your actions. It automatically determines the messages important for you and the messages that you ignore.

Power Map

If you are thinking to plot your Excel data on a map, you don’t need any additional software for this. It helps to create a dynamic map. You can customize the map.

Document Conversations

To make teamwork more happening and incredible, document conversation support is provided in Office 365. It enables users to share their thoughts and ideas around Office documents, videos and images in the content that they are reviewing. Without leaving your desk, you can have conversation over a document. You can able to know about changes and feedback.

Easy to Setup

Office 365 is though a highly advance software, it is easy to install and setup. Step by step guidelines are provided to install and run the program. Once you start using the tool, you become easily familiar with its functions.

Built-in Security

Microsoft shares its commitments that Office 365 is safe to use. It uses the defense-in-depth approach to offer logical, physical and data layers of security. File integrity is provided.