Apple Mail

It is an advanced file extension which is easy to operate and compatible with multiple email addresses and Apple applications. It is embedded with incredible features.

Make Every E-Mail Special & Virtual

It supports over 30 templates that allow you to maintain a high-standard with every e-mail you are sending. From official to casual mails, templates are designed to feature well-coordinated colours, fonts, layouts and photo placement to set photos from your iPhone library. Moreover, it gives space for customization of templates. Messages are created with stationery in Mail, using the HTML standard that easily access by all major webmail services and email programs on both Mac and PCs.

Access Apple Mail in Any Email Address

If you have AOL, Gmail, Optonline or Verizon. net, all can be added to Apple mail. Even you have work email address or personal email address, they can be added to Apple Mail as long as you want. Yahoo Mail Plus supports the file extension.

Add Multiple Email Address to Apple Mail

Save your precious time by accessing different email addresses in Apple Mail. You don’t need to log into different email service. Check your personal domain email, Gmail and AOL in Apple Mail.

Top Quality Integration

Apple Mail is well integrated with Mac OS X and other Apple apps including Mail to iPhoto, Mail Data Detectors and Mail to Contacts.

Stay Alert Feature

The file extension lets users to create handy notes that can be accessed from anywhere. Use a note for meetings, schedules special events and phone numbers. These notes are capable to carry attachments and graphics. Your notes folder can be used as an email mailbox that you can regain from any MAC or PC with the help of IMAP mail service such as AOL or .Mac.

Easily create a to-do list. Just highlight text in an email, click to-do. Set the last date and alarm for every to-do. You each to-do carries a link of the original mail or note.

There is an interesting feature of the Apple Mail that lets you about the latest events easily. For example, you have received an email invitation for wedding. It would be interesting if the Mail recognized the venue of the wedding and feature the venue through map. Or add the date of the wedding to your iCal calendar that allows you to share the invitation.

Keep Yourself Updated

Subscribe RSS feed in Mail or prefer to use Smart Mailboxes to easily manage incoming news articles as per the search terms of your choice.

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