Google Apps (G Suite)

The word 'Google' is not new for the world. It is a search engine giant. And Google Apps is a wonderful alternative to traditional office suites by Google. It is a set of web applications that include Google Email, Google Talk, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Mobile and Google Sites.

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for work is an application that hosts customised versions of Google Hangouts, Gmail, Google Sites and Google Calendar on a domain that your business owns. In a simple form, Google Apps provides Google hosted services that give feeling that you are hosting from your very own server. It is an ideal app for the businesses that has no resources to host the types of services in-house. Small business owners, institutes and also family can use Google Apps.

Remember, when you get Google Apps for your business, it is not free. Previously, Google launched the light version which was free. It has discontinued the service today. New users of the apps have to make payment to Google if they use Google Apps for work. There are two popular plans at different prices. Both plans may offer discounts if you make payment for a year in advance. If you choose a plan which is of $10 per month you are offered with various useful features that actually a business needs to maintain records. For instance, you are allowed to create an information retention policy and put a 'litigation Hold' on an inbox that helps you to prevent a worker from deleting the mail that you might require during court proceeding.

Google Apps Benefits

  • Customise Your Email - When it comes to show professionalism, Google Apps offer the opportunity by allowing you to give personal touch to your emails. Use your company domain email address to show professionalism. It gives your targets clients a hint to your site address. It would be bonus traffic to your website.
  • Storage Space - Storage provided by Google Apps could be sufficient for small businesses. Many web mail servers provides 1GB storage for mails but Google Apps offer 10 GB for free which could be enough for small businesses.
  • Easy Search - With more data storage capacity, Google allows you to search for a particular email easily. If you have an email 2 years back, it may possible to find the old mail with Google Apps.
  • Easy Access - As Google apps can operate easily on mobile, it means you can access your mails anytime and from anywhere if the internet is working.

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