Top Features of Gmail That You Might Don’t Know

Gmail is free web mail service. It is operated by Google. It is an advertising-supported email service that users can access as secure webmail as well as IMAP4 or POP3. It was introduced to general public in 2007. Today, it has 1 billion users and the Alexa rank is 89.

Salient Features


In 2013, Google announced for Gmail along with its other apps like Google+Photos and Google Drive the storage capacity of 15 GB. Google is still providing 15 GB storage to its free users. If you want additional storage, you will buy from Google.

Gmail Lab

This feature was introduced in 2008 to experiment or test the new features of Gmail. Users have found the freedom to either enable or disable the feature. They can provide feedbacks of new features so that Gmail engineers can enhance them.

Tabbed Inbox

In 2013, Google introduced the feature to categorize the user’s emails. They are Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. The feature is available for Gmail mobile users.

Spam Filter

The feature allows you to get rid of unwanted emails like promotional. Users can mark a particular email as a spam which provides information to the email service to identify such messages in future for all Gmail users.

Gmail Mobile

This is a sought after feature of Gmail that is available in 40+ languages. It is a free service that works smoothly on Blackberry, iPhone and other high-end smart gadgets.

Mute Button for No More Disturbance

While you are busy with a mail, the notification bar is popping to tell you about new messages. If you want to deal with notification-based tech distractions, simply click on “More” button and then “Mute”. After that you will get every message update when you are finished with the mail that you have opened.

Right Click Emails to Mark As Read, Delete or Archive

Be a little bit techie to manage your emails. Apply shortcut keys to simplify your work. With Gmail, you can delete, archive or mark as read of your mails by clicking the right. The pop menu demonstrates these three features.

Preview Pane

Do you know like MS Outlook, Gmail can show you preview of your emails? Active the feature by Gmail Labs by simply clicking Cog>Settings>Labs>Preview Pane>Enable>Save Changes. There are options to get preview choose your suitable one among them.

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