5 Surprising Features of Yahoo Mail

When it comes to free web mail service, the discussion will be considered incomplete without discussing about Yahoo Mail. The web based email service was launched in 1997. It is claimed that Yahoo has 281 million users by December 2012. The 1997 features have now been updated with modern and more improved features so that Yahoo can become a strong competitor of other free web mail services like Gmail and Hotmail.

The year 2005 brought a golden year for Yahoo because at that time many features had been updated. The 2005 version included a new Ajax interface, more improved search tab, drag and drop, tabs, keyboard shortcuts and address auto-completion. In 2011, it came up as a default interface.

Yahoo Free & Paid Versions

Do you know that Yahoo offers free as well as paid versions? The free version has a storage capacity of 1 TB. The account expiry on inactivity is 12 months. It has email attachment capacity of 25 GB. The free version provides protection against viruses and spam. Like Gmail it displays ads.

The Yahoo Business account is required to purchase. It has all essential features along with permission to create 10 distinct accounts. You own a personal domain name and email address that account is managed by administrator. The business account offers unlimited storage capacity. It is excellent for small businesses.

Customized Theme

Yahoo has made changes on its appearance and features. It has taken much inspiration from Gmail. Now Yahoo users can customize their Yahoo Mail look. They are free to choose any image of their choice.

Easy Search

Like Gmail, Yahoo provides its users easy search of a particular mail. It supports search by name, keywords and web filter through hundreds of emails in a few seconds. It is quite simple.

Incredible Security Support

Yahoo keeps your mails safe from unwanted situations like virus attacks and unauthorized access. It uses strong phishing filter along with security from Norton.

2015 Updated Features

The redesigning of Yahoo brought a set of new features. You can easily move or delete a group of messages. Apart from that it allows you to easily toggle among Google, AOL, Outlook or several Yahoo accounts. A set of customized swipe controls have been introduced. So it will be easy for you to mark messages as unread, read, spam, archive or move them.

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