Lotus Notes

It is an application suite that holds a number of components including:

  • Emailing
  • Calendars
  • Web Server
  • Address book
  • Programming
  • Database

Unlike other apps (like MS Office) that separate these functionalities in different products (such as Access, Outlook, Front Page etc), Lotus Notes has all these components in a single front-end.

It uses standard-based mail protocols like SMTP and POP3. Notes allows both a server and a client piece, it means users can send and receive emails whereas administrations are allowed to use the app for entire email environment.

Lotus Notes’ database allows users to store data and efficiently share databases with different users who can manipulate or add information. Apart from data, a database holds modules of programming code that schedule desirable tasks for the user.

Operating System Lotus Notes Work:

The email client performs smoothly on all Windows Operating Systems, Linux and OS X.


According to Wikipedia, the app suite has 28 user-interface and mail template languages, 64 variants.

IBM Notes Development

More than 20 years of history of IBM Lotus Notes, there are many updates noticed for the client and the IBM Lotus Domino server software is one of the most prominent ones which was known as the Lotus Notes Server. With the release of version 4.5, the Server has found a separate name. For security of IBM Lotus Notes data, two IBM Lotus Protector Programs have been launched.

IBM has launched many updated versions of Lotus Notes. The current release is 9.0.1. The version was released on 13 September 2016 which was mainly a fix and security improvement release.


To understand Lotus Notes well, it is important to differentiate between IBM Notes and Domino. The server based app is known as IBM Domino and the client based software is called IBM Notes. The Domino versions support the various levels of server operating systems and have security on variety of levels.

Lotus Notes 8

Lotus Notes 8 is one of the major upgrades of IBM Lotus. The client is developed an open standards, Eclipse based architecture that gives customisation flexibility. After the launch of Lotus Notes 8, the version 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 launched and later 8.5 was launched with many new functions. The Lotus Notes 8.5 supports Mac OS and use with Citrix app. Lotus Notes is a full-featured rapid app development platform that uses a semi-structured data to easily create documents. Users can rely on Notes for email management and other data.

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