Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a great free email client. It is a multi-task application that easily manages email, newsgroup and news feed accounts. The program is easy to start, customize your email experience and protect your email. It is loaded with multiple advanced features.


The first version 1.0 was launched in 7 December 2010 that received ultimate response. In the first 3 days, over 500,000 downloads were done successfully.


Mozilla Thunderbird application is more powerful than ever. The sophisticated tool is loaded with multiple features.

Top Massage Management

Thunderbird supports quick search, advanced message filtering, save search folders, message grouping and labels to find and manage messages.

Themes & Extensions

Thunderbird supports many add-on features that enhance the quality of the application and make it more user-friendly. For example, Lightening is a famous extension that adds calendar function to Thunderbird.

To make the appearance of Thunderbird attractive, a variety of themes are available to choose from. With the help of Mozilla add-ons CSS and image files can be downloaded for customized theme setting.

Mailbox Format Support

The application supports: MBOX and Maildir (one file per email).

Cross-Platform Support

It enables users to run Thunderbird on Linux, Windows and OS X.

Personalized Your Email Address

To show professionalism and promote brand, you can customize your email address on Thunderbird.

Tabbed Email

The feature lets you load emails in separate tabs for easy navigation. It allows you to open multiple emails for easy reference.

Save Your Contacts Easily

With just one click, Address Book is opened. There is a star icon to add people in the book. Double-clicks allow you to add more details like an image and birthday.

Multi-Channel Chat

Get real-time conversation facility from your favourite messaging platforms.

Search from Web

There is no need to leave your Thunderbird account to search from web. In the Thunderbird’s search box, type the search terms to search from the internet.

Quick Filter

The Quick Filter tab allows easy filter of messages. Filter your email by New Messages, Tags and people in your Address Book.

High End-Protection to Your Email Address

Filter junk mails. The latest versions of Thunderbird allow users to read the mail that matters. It protects you from email scams. It automatically blocks remote images in email messages.

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