Improved Features of MS Outlook 2016

A Short Account on Outlook 2016

For Outlook users, Microsoft has brought another advance version in form of Outlook 2016. The latest version keeps all the features of earlier version but it has more colourful appearance and personalized features. The edition has been developed by Microsoft especially for Windows 10, Android and iOS. Office 365subscription is must for Outlook 2016.

The latest edition supports inbuilt cloud access for editing, creating, opening and saving of files in the cloud directly from the desktop. It supports a new search feature called “Tell me“. It is advance than Outlook 2013and the theme is dark.

Added Features

  • For Outlook 2016 users, the first thing they observe is its appearance. The monitor colour is dark gray and font is in white.
  • The Outlook 2016 attachment handling feature seems new. It appears like a button where a drop-down menu appears which has options like Copy, Preview, Open, Save As, Remove Attachment, Save All Attachments and Quick Print. Users have found freedom to sort emails as per their desire.
  • The search feature looks cool because it is descriptive “Tell me what do you want to do”
  • Outlook 2016 has a bit advance emailing feature. Microsoft has tried to make email feature faster and easier for users. While adding attachments with an email, the Outlook shows the recent accessed files. Users can choose accordingly or browse to select a specific file as an attachment.

Improved Features

  • The latest version search option seems more advance than the earlier, provides faster search
  • The new version saves user’s time by reducing the time of displaying messages, downloading messages etc…
  • It has MAPI-HTTP protocol to get an easy access to Exchange and smooth online connectivity.
  • The Active Directory Authentication Library provide multi-factor authentication.
  • For Office 365 subscribers, using Outlook 2016 offers a couple of benefits.
  • The latest Outlook has BITS which provides flawless network.
  • Flexible environment is offered to the admin to get updates and fix bugs.

The downside of Outlook 2016 is that you cannot exceed the pixel limit more than 650. If you exceed the pixel above 650 the chance of collapsing folders can be faced. For Exchange users, the Outlook doesn’t give flexibility of manual account setting. For social media users, Outlook 2016 gives facility to connect with Facebook. The feature is supported to only users of Office 365.