How to Export HTML & MHTML from MS Outlook PST?

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Easy way to create HTML & MHTML from Outlook PST file

When it comes to the email client, Outlook is the prime choice of users as well as organizations. Its high-performance and advanced features make it popular among users. Outlook stores all the data in PST file format but sometimes, the situation occurs when users need to save Outlook emails to HTML and MHTML file formats. This is a challenging task for users to create HTML & MHTML from Outlook PST file. Thus, in this post, we are explaining a smart yet reliable approach to know how to create HTML file from PST files.

Why do users need to create HTML from Outlook PST file?

Here, we are describing a scenario to understand the need to save Outlook PST file to HTML and MHTML file formats.

“I got a PST file that has some information related to our department employees. Now, my problem is I don’t have Microsoft Outlook to view the PST file. So, I decided to open PST file by exporting into HTML file. So, that I can open the PST file using a web browser. Can anyone suggest me a way to create HTML from PST file so that I can view the details contained by PST file?

I hope after reading this query, you will be able to know the need to create HTML from Outlook PST file.

Basically, HTML is used to create a web page and web applications. HTML file can be easily opened using web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera Browser, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and several others. Similarly, MHTML is a web archive file that holds HTML files, images, animation, audio, and other media content. These files can be also opened using web browsers.

How to save PST files as HTML and MHTML files?

To create HTML and MHTML file from PST file, there is no manual approach available. So, users have the option of an automated solution i.e. Softaken PST Mailbox Converter. With this program, one can easily save PST files as HTML and MHTML file format. The software is associated with many advanced features like it works with password-protected PST files, no file size limits, user-friendly interface, etc. To view and export PST to HTML and MHTML file format, download the software and follow the step by step guide discussed below –

Step 1.Install and Launch the software on your local system.

Step 2.Now, choose “Add File” or “Add Folder” and the Browse PST files.

Step 3.After that, the software display all the data associated with PST file’

Step 4.Now, under Output format, select HTML(save PST into HTML) or MHTML(to save PST into MHTML) file format.

Step 5.Hit the Browsebutton and specify a location where you want to save the resultant HTML or MHTML file.

Step 6.Hit the Convert Nowbutton to export Outlook emails to HTML file format.

Now, go to the location and open the HTML file using the web browser available on your system.

Final Words

Many users are in need to create HTML from Outlook PST file but unable to find an efficient solution to perform the task. Thus, with this post, we have introduced a step by step guide to export PST file to HTML and MHTML file formats using the third-party software.