FAT Recovery

FAT Recovery Software

Effortless solution to recover and restore corrupt FAT file system. This application smartly recovers corrupt hard disks drives having FAT file systems: FAT16, FAT32, and FAT64 (ex-FAT).

  • Quickly recover data from accidentally formatted FAT volume with ease
  • Dual scanning mode: Standard and Advanced
  • Allow preview in a tree-structure of recovered files & folders
  • RAW recovery mode to add new file signature is available
  • Support both MBR and GPT partition table formats
  • Detect the corrupt partition automatically and restore the complete data
  • Recover lost files and drives from any FAT file system on Windows
  • Saving of recovered file at user-defined location
  • Easily search files or folders with Auto-Search feature
  • Self-instructive user interface to make the FAT file recovery process simpler
  • Provide details of selected volume including volume name, file system & size
  • Compatible with major versions of the latest Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.
  • Recover all deleted videos, photos, audios, documents and much more/li>
  • All or specific folder/files saving after recovering the corrupt FAT file system
  • Free demo of FAT File Recovery Software is available for prior evaluation

Reasons to Opt for Softaken FAT Recovery Software

When need to recover data from FAT 64 file system

It is not a simple task for users to recover data from FAT 64 file system when it gets corrupted. Therefore, users need this FAT Repair Software is compatible with all types of file systems. You can opt for this program and repair all possible data available in corrupt FAT file system by using this smart utility.

Recover data from formatted drives

Corruption can make trouble for users. Sometimes, accidental deletion of your hard drive can harm your crucial data. But with the use of Softaken FAT Recovery Tool, you can perform FAT data recovery from a formatted drive. You need to pick the advanced mode of recovery and pick option ‘Is drive formatted..?’ before commencing the actual recovery process.

When FAT file system gets corrupted

Softaken FAT File Recovery Software is designed to repair corrupt and damaged drives containing FAT file system. This utility first scans the picked volume and helps you to recover maximum possible data keeping in its original form. Also, you can see the information of selected volume in the preview pane that includes file system, volume name, and size.

Features & Advantages of FAT Recovery Software

This software renders you smart benefits in FAT file system recovery

RAW Recovery Mode

With RAW Recovery mode of this software, users can get back all data from all possible scenarios. By enabling this mode, you can restore all data even your hard drive is badly corrupted. This basically works on the type of file signature. Once you are done with the signature, you can see the recovered data in tree structure.

Dual Modes for FAT Recovery

The software offers two modes for FAT file recovery to handle all issues of corruption. Standard mode and advanced mode work as per the level of corruption. You can pick standard mode if the corruption is minor otherwise, choose advanced recovery mode for major corruption issues.

Feature of Auto-Search

If you have large number of files & folders it is not easy for you to search them manually. You can use auto-search feature of this software where you need to simply type the file name or type and hit the search button. Within a few seconds, the software will search the files & then you can save them.

Permit adding new file signatures

With RAW Recovery mode, users can add a new file signature to the existing file. This feature helps users to recover a particular file type from the corrupt hard drive. Simply hit the Settings option and define the file signatures with their size and upload it for parsing in RAW recovery mode.

Graphical User Interface

This utility contains interactive and self-descriptive user interface to make the FAT file recovery process easier even for non-technical users. With the ease, even non-technical users find it simple to operate without any complications. No external help is required to handle the software.

Fully Compatible program

Compatibility of this utility is highly smooth with all major editions of Windows operating systems such as Win 98, Win NT, Win 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and the latest Windows 11 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions). Thus, you are free to run this program on all Windows operating systems.

Tools Faq's

For easy and convenient operation of FAT file recovery, below are the steps:

  • Step 1–: Launch Softaken FAT Recovery program and pick the volume or drive.
  • Step 2–: Get all information of the selected drive displayed on your system. Hit the Next button to continue.
  • Step 3–: Choose the recovery mode and hit the Next button to start the scanning process.
  • Step 5–: The selected volume is successfully scanned. Hit Ok to continue the process.
  • Step 4–: Hit the Root folder to save the recovered data. Or you can choose desired files. Hit the Save button.
  • Step 6–: Provide a directory to save the recovered data. Hit OK to commence the saving process.
Yes, one can easily recover data from formatted drives or volumes. This FAT Repair Tool allows recovering data from corrupted, damaged as well as accidentally formatted drives containing FAT file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, & FAT64. If the volume or drive is recently formatted, pick it and choose Advanced recovery mode.
Yes, FAT File Repair Utility is designed with a highly interactive interface by which both technical and non-technical users can comfortably operate it. No prior technical knowledge is mandatory to operate the software.

Softaken FAT Recovery Software has provided two recovery modes: standard and advanced. In case of minor corruptions in your selected volume/drive, you can pick standard mode for FAT data recovery. But if it fails due to major corruptions then you should go for advanced mode for recovery.
Yes, the software is suitable to run on the latest Windows 11, 10, and below versions without any inconvenience.
No, this program only supports FAT file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, and FAT64 (exFAT). If your drive has NTFS file system, you will find this error message.

Data corruption is the main problem for any computer user. Due to corruption, one can lose their important data. Corruption reasons are never cleared, they are hard to find. The most common reasons behind the corruption are accidental file deletion, drive formatting, sudden power failure, crash in hard drive, virus or bug attacks, human errors, etc.