SharePoint Server Recovery

SharePoint Server Recovery Software

Easily perform SharePoint data recovery from corrupt MDF files. The software smoothly supports all SharePoint database and SQL Server files created by SharePoint & SQL Server versions.

  • Repair & restore data from SharePoint corrupt database files
  • Restore all important details from corrupt MDF files
  • Perform data recovery with 100% accuracy
  • Capable of recovering any large-size corrupt MDF file
  • Preview SharePoint data before saving
  • Auto-generate log file report of the recovery process
  • Dual recovery mode to handle different levels of corruption
  • Easy to operate the tool without any difficulties
  • Support MDF files of SharePoint Server and SQL Server versions
  • Quickly extract data from the damaged SharePoint database
  • Installable on all editions of Windows OS
  • Preserve the folder hierarchy with smart saving options
  • Two saving options to save data – SQL Server or SQL Script
  • Collation option: auto-detect and manual way to perform recovery
  • Selective folders restoration after performing SharePoint data recovery

Reasons to use Softaken SharePoint Server Recovery Tool

To repair corrupt SharePoint database

SharePoint is a web-based application provided by Microsoft. It is used by many organizations to build up websites, and store files & other data items in an organized manner. One can simply access all data available on SharePoint Server with an internet connection from any device. But sometimes, the SharePoint content database becomes corrupt. In such situations, one can use Softaken SharePoint Server Recovery Tool to quickly repair corrupt MDF database files.

To recover deleted records from SharePoint Server

Using Softaken SharePoint Database Repair Tool, one can easily perform complete database recovery. By enabling the shows deleted records option, one can easily recover the deleted data. Moreover, it deals with various levels of corruption with standard and advanced modes for recovery. In case of high-level corruption, users can opt for advanced mode and recover the corrupt SharePoint Server database files.

To recover data from SharePoint database files

With SharePoint, you can manage your documents and other important data. However, while using SharePoint as an on-premises deployment, users may come across many issues like database corruption, server crash, etc. Without any worries, choose Softaken SharePoint Server Repair Tool which is a reliable solution that can recover data from SharePoint database files and restore them into a new database file.

Prominent Features of Softaken SharePoint Server Recovery Tool

Check out the features of the software in detail to perform SharePoint database recovery

Recover entire SharePoint data

With this software, users get two different options to perform complete database recovery & document recovery. You should go for the document recovery option to recover complete SharePoint documents from the SharePoint Server database. To recover the complete database, go with the complete data recovery option.

Offer Collation Option

SQL Server saves data with a collation type. The software offers you a collation option by which you can choose an auto-detect option or choose manual option during recovery. In case, you pick an auto-detect option, this application won’t detect the correct collation type, you have to manually assign the correct one.

Log Report generation automatically

This is a reliable application to save the recovered data into SQL Server or as SQL script. In addition to this, this tool keeps track of all activities performed during the recovery process while maintaining log reports. The program automatically generates a log file in .txt format which has all the details about SharePoint Server data recovery.

Preview of SharePoint data in Tree-structure

This software smoothly repairs and restores SharePoint database files without losing any data items. Whatever is recovered by this software will show you in a tree structure by this application. You just need to expand the root folder (one by one) in the tree structure to see the data recovered. After that, users can save the recovered data at their defined location.

Data recovery with no data loss

All your valuable information stored in SharePoint Server will not be harmed during the database recovery process. The software easily recovers your corrupt, damaged, and deleted files from SharePoint Server. The properties of the recovered files, original formatting, and structure of the database are well maintained by this tool.

Self-descriptive steps

Users will not face any problems in handling this SharePoint data recovery software. It has a graphical user interface and self-descriptive users due to this it can be easily operated by both technical as well as non-technical users. No need for prior technical intelligence to use this application. Only basic computer knowledge is enough for executing it.

Tools Faq's

Only a few easy steps you have to go through with this automated solution.

  • Step 1 –: Launch Softaken SharePoint Server Recovery Software.
  • Step 2 –: Now, browse the corrupt MDF file.
  • Step 3 –: Pick the recovery mode as per your need.
  • Step 4 –: Select standard or advanced mode for recovery.
  • Step 5 –: This will start the scanning process.
  • Step 6 –: Select the folders from the preview pane to save.
  • Step 7 –: Set a path to save the recoverable data and hit the OK button.
  • Step 8 –: This will complete the saving process of selected files.
Yes, users have an option to manually assign the collation type of the database file. This software provides an auto-detect and manual option to assign the collation type.
No, there are no such things mentioned in this software about file size. This software can easily support corrupt MDF files of any size.

The software picks the default location for the log file on the desktop. However, you can change the location as per your need by using the Browse button.
No, there is no such need of installing a SharePoint Server to recover your files using the SharePoint database recovery tool.
The time taken completely depends on the size of the SharePoint MDF file.