SQLite Recovery

SQLite Database Recovery Software

An excellent solution to fix corrupt SQLite database files created by SQLite2 or SQLite3. The software provides a preview of recovered tables and restores them to SQLite or new MDB files.

  • Instantly repair corrupt SQLite database files & restore them to new MDB files
  • Scan and restores database objects of huge DB file
  • Facility to preview all tables, triggers, or views of SQLite
  • Auto-detect file information of the added SQLite DB
  • SQLite2 and SQLite 3 created SQLite database recovery without any trouble
  • Repair corrupt database files from any version of SQLite database
  • Maintain complete data integrity of SQLite database files
  • Restore all database objects like tables, views, indexes, and triggers from corrupt SQLite database
  • Interactive interface that any tech-savvy or beginner can easily understand
  • Freeware mode to preview the SQLite recovered database files
  • Well support to all versions of the Windows operating system
  • Save the recovered data into SQLite database and MDB format
  • Save selected items in the user-defined folder

Reasons to opt for Softaken SQLite Database Recovery Software

To fix the SQLite error database is locked

SQLite is a database system and follows an easy SQL Syntax. But still, it has many issues related to integrity. One such error is the database being locked. There may be various reasons behind this error like two users trying to run transactions on the same tables and change the content. But no need to be concerned, by using the Softaken Repair SQLite database file, you can fix the SQLite database file locked error.

To fix a corrupted SQLite database

With the help of Softaken SQLite Recovery Software, one can view SQLite database files when they become inaccessible or corrupt. This program performs the repair process without the loss of a single item. Also, it allows users to save the recovered database data as SQLite database or MDF files. You can get an option to upgrade the SQLite database from SQLite2 to SQLite3.

Fix error SQLite file is encrypted or not a database

Many times, while working with SQLite database files, the power and process get terminated. One can easily fix it but the base is encrypted, and when they try to open the database using conn.Open(); they can get the error that SQLite is encrypted and not a database. In such a situation, you can use SQLite Recovery Software and resolve the error message – File is encrypted or not a database.

Main features of Softaken SQLite Database Recovery Software

Here are the main features of this automated tool to recover SQLite database files

Recover the complete SQLite database

This SQLite Database Repair Tool can quickly restore all columns, tables, indexes, triggers, and views from DB, SQLite 2, and SQLite 3 files. It can successfully recover all data items from corrupt SQLite database files. It is competent enough to get back all database objects of the SQLite database.

Support Multiple SQLite & formats

This advanced utility is well compatible with database files created by different versions like SQLite 2 and SQLite 3. Moreover, the program retrieves all data to a database file either in UTF-8 (ANSI) or UTF-16 (Unicode) format.

Auto-Search option

SQLite DB Repair Utility provides you with an option to search any keyword within the scanned file. Users can easily search for desired data items using this auto-search option. This will allow users to save the desired data easily by applying the ‘auto-search’ option.

Preview in Tree-structure

Using this SQLite database repair utility, users can easily restore SQLite database objects. It can quickly start the scanning process after adding the SQLite database files and show the tree structure preview containing all recovered data like indexes, tables, views, triggers, etc.

Option to upgrade SQLite database

This smart software allows users to upgrade the SQLite database. For instance, if your SQLite database version is 2 and now you need to save the recovered data in the SQLite3 version then unmark the version 2 box. It will save the recovered data into a new SQLite3 database.

Tools Faq's

Below are the steps to fix the corrupted SQLite database files:

  • Step 1–: Run Softaken SQLite Recovery Software.
  • Step 2–: Browse SQLite database files.
  • Step 3–: The program will auto-detect the file details and hit OK.
  • Step 4–: Pick the folders in the preview panel which you need to save.
  • Step 5–: You can also check specific table details.
  • Step 6–: Press the Save button & choose the saving format, either SQLite or MDB.
  • Step 7–: Choose the saving folder and press the OK button to start the saving process.
If you need to save the recovered from the corrupt SQLite database into the MDB database, you need to change the column mapping. MDB is an access database file that doesn’t support some data types supported by SQLite database. So, you need to use the Map column feature. This feature permits to change of the column data type. You have to select the recovered database object and define its data type. Finally, hit the Change column type & save the changes.
This utility supports recovery of almost every data type such as text, numeric, real, blob, integer, etc.

Yes, using the SQLite database recovery tool, one can check the recovered data in the preview panel in a tree structure before saving the data.
No, this program is completely Windows-based and only repairs SQLite databases on Windows machines.
No, this program works completely standalone and does not have any dependency on other applications.