SSD Recovery

Removable Media Data Recovery Software

A reliable way to recover lost data from corrupt/damaged removable media such as Compact Discs, DVDs, External hard drives, SD cards, SD Memory cards, Solid State Drives (SSDs), etc.

  • Capable to recover lost or accidentally deleted data from all removable media devices
  • Multiple languages support by Media data recovery tool
  • Preview data file after recovery in tree structure before saving it
  • Provides formatted drives for data recovery
  • Both FAT & NTFS Windows file systems are supported
  • Restore documents, images, multimedia, and other file types
  • Supports recovery from MBR & GPT both partition tables
  • Search the files with the Auto-search feature
  • Multiple modes of recovery to deal with different levels of corruption
  • Recover deleted data from internal and external drives
  • Properly scan damaged data from removable media devices
  • Installation of this software on the newer Windows versions
  • Selected data saved from recovered data
  • Standard, Advanced, and deep recovery modes are available
  • Free demo option to recover data but can’t save it

Why opt for Softaken Removable Media Data Recovery Software?

When need to recover files from corrupted drives

Many factors can make external and internal drive data inaccessible. But Softaken Removable Media Database Recovery Software is capable of recovering data from minor & highly corrupted disk drives. The software fully scans corrupted files/folders and recovers all data in a healthy state by taking a few simple steps.

To recover deleted data from Removable Drive

Accidental or intentional data deletion from removable drives can be recovered easily by our tool. It performs deep scanning of the drive and recovers even shift + deleted data items. This is one of the highly known solutions to recover permanently deleted data from all removable media. This utility supports recovery from internal and external drives without any inconvenience.

Recover data after formatting storage media

Sometimes, users need to format the drives due to data accumulation or other external threats. In such situations, recovering data from formatted storage media becomes a challenging task for users. But by using Softaken Removable Media Data Recovery Software, one can recover entire lost files even if the media gets formatted. It well supports recovery after formatting the storage media.

Important Features of Removable Media Data Recovery Tool

Know the features of the best solution to recover deleted and formatted removable storage media

Smartly recover corrupt & damaged data

This advanced software is capable to restore the maximum possible data from corrupt and damaged external hard drives & other removable storage devices. This utility supports the recovery of all items such as images, documents, multimedia, emails, archive, and others.

Recover Formatted Drive Data

Not only damaged/corrupt drives data recovery but also the software supports data recovery from the drives which are formatted accidentally. If you have recently formatted your drive and it has not been overwritten then this program can easily restore its lost data.

Quick Scan and Preview Feature

After choosing a corrupt volume/drive, the software initially scans it and shows you a preview of the recovered data in a tree-view structure. You can check all the files & folders in a tree structure. This utility maintains the folder hierarchy without altering them.

Supports FAT & NTFS Partitions

The software performs successful data recovery from the drive or removable media whether it contains FAT (FAT16, FAT32, and FAT64 or exFAT) or NTFS. It smartly recovers all data items from it by maintaining data integrity throughout the process of data recovery.

Option of Auto-Search files

If you have a large number of files in the preview pane after recovery and you want to save a few files. Then, doing this manually will take time. To make it easy and fast, you can use the auto-search feature by which just type the file name/type in a search and the software will search it in a few seconds.

Multiple Recovery Modes

There are multiple modes of recovery in this software to handle different levels of corruption. If the selected drive or media has a FAT file system, you will get two modes: Standard and advanced. But if the selected drive has NTFS, you will get three modes: Standard, advanced and deep.

All Removable Media are supported

This program will support data recovery from external hard disks as well as other storage media devices such as Compact Disc, Blue Ray Disc, Digital Versatile Disc, USB Pen drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, SD memory cards, SSDs, external hard drives, Memory sticks, etc.

Tools Faq's

Below are the complete steps to use this application:

  • Step 1–: Launch this application on your Windows system.
  • Step 2–: Select corrupt drive or volume.
  • Step 3–: You will see the details of the selected drive or volume.
  • Step 4–: Pick the recovery mode.
  • Step 5–: This begins the scanning process and shows a preview of recovered data in a tree structure.
  • Step 6–: Now, check the folders you want to save.
  • Step 7–: Set a location where you need to save the recovered data.
  • Step 8–: This starts the recovery process. Click Ok after its completion.
Yes, this utility well supports data recovery from the external hard drive as well as from other removable media devices.
No, there is no issue of compatibility with this utility. Being a Windows-based utility, it effectively works with all Windows versions such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Yes, this wizard is capable enough to retrieve lost data from the external hard drive.
This software successfully recovers all file formats such as image formats, document formats, archive formats, backup files, email formats, multimedia formats, and database formats.
No, there is no limit specified for the file size in this software. It can easily retrieve files of any size.