Adobe Reader Error “You don’t have Sufficient Permissions to Perform this Task - Solved

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Solutions to Resolve Adobe Reader Error “You don’t have Sufficient Permissions to Perform this Task”

“I recently downloaded a pdf file from web but it contains watermark due to which I am unable to read the PDF file. I tried to remove the watermark in Adobe Acrobat, a message pop out with this error message “you don’t have sufficient permissions to perform this task” I don’t know how to deal with this error. What to do now?

adobe reader error

PDF is the most used file format for sharing the documents between people. In order to provide a personal touch to the PDF files, the watermark is being added by the users. This will also secure the copyright information.

The above error message shows Acrobat refuses to open that document. Let us know for the further reasons behind this error.

Reasons behind the error message

If the password is set to the PDF file or it is restricted by the user so that it can be edited, printed and copy. In these cases, the PDF file will not open and throws the following error. Moreover, if the fil has been corrupted or damaged, it is possible that this error message would occur likely.

How to get rid of this error?

To get rid of this error, you can follow the given methods.

Step 1. Remove security from secured PDF documents

To remove security from PDF document, just carry on with these steps below –

1. Launch Adobe Acrobat and open the secured document that contains watermark.

2. Go to File menu and click Properties

click on properties

3. In the opening window, go to the Security tab and check the Document Restrictions Summary, you will find that the PDF is restricted.

check document restrictions summary

4. To remove the restrictions, click on the Change Settings box

click on change settings

5. This will pop out a new window. Enter the password and click OK.

enter the password

6. Choose No security under the Security Method section. To do the changes, Click OK.

choose no security

Alternate solution to remove password from locked PDF files – Softaken PDF Unlocker

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat with you, you can try this software solution that doesn’t need any extra tool for unlocking PDF files.

  1. Download and run the program.
  2. Add secured PDF file to remove the restrictions.
  3. Click on Remove Security Now.

This will simply remove user level permission password from PDF document. The best part of this software is it is helpful in removing PDF file security from several PDFs at a time.

Step 2. Remove watermark from PDF document using Adobe Acrobat

Next, you can do is to remove watermark from the PDF document. For this, follow the mentioned below steps –

1. Open Adobe Reader.

2. Click on Tools Expand the pages and click on Edit Page Design. Then click on Watermark and hit the Remove button.

hit the remove button

3. A new message window will open. Click Yes to make sure to permanently remove the watermark.

click yes to confirm

4. Press Ctrl + S to save the PDF document to apply the changes.

If you are able to open the PDF document using any of the above methods. It means either the password or watermark has created that error message. But if you are still unable to open PDF files, then the file is simply corrupt or damage so you need to repair PDF file with PDF Recovery Tool.

Concluding Lines

The article states all the essential information about this error and its causes. Moreover, various solutions are provided according to the causes that will help users to resolve the error message.