How to Export Gmail Emails into PDF File Format?

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Export Gmail emails into PDF file format – Stepwise Guide

Summary: Here we come with a stepwise guide to provide users a relevant solution to export Gmail emails into PDF file format. Two different solutions are provided to export emails from Gmail to PDF with this write-up.

We all know that Gmail is one of the widely used email services that is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere. But how to access Gmail important emails when there is no internet connection. What will you do? Therefore, it is important to have Gmail emails as PDF format so that you can easily access your important emails without internet connectivity and the best part is PDF format can be accessed in almost every device.

Various users want to know how to export Gmail emails into PDF format? Considering this, we have come with two different approaches to perform this migration, i.e. export Gmail emails as PDF format.

How to export Gmail messages into PDF format?

Users have manual ways to export Gmail messages to PDF format. Let us know the complete process to export Gmail emails as PDF format.

  1. Open your Gmail account on any web browser
  2. Select desired email message that you want to save as PDF
  3. Open the desired email message and hit Print icon on the top-right corner. You can use CTRL + P to print the message from Gmail to PDF format.
  4. You will get a new pop-up window, Hit save as PDF and click on Save button. If it shows anything else, choose Save as PDF format and then hit Save button.
  5. Check the PDF file at the desired file location.

Why the manual solution to export Gmail to PDF is not perfect?

The above manual solution to save Gmail emails as Adobe PDF fails because it is capable to export a single Gmail email into PDF format at once. If users have a few emails then, they can go with this method but it is not perfect when users have multiple email messages to export from Gmail to Adobe PDF format.

Alternate method to export multiple emails from Gmail account to PDF file

To bulk export Gmail messages to PDF format, users can trust on third-party utilities. We suggest to use Softaken IMAP Mail Backup Tool that allows to export complete Gmail account to PDF format. Users can easily export desired email messages by using filters. With the intuitive interface of the software, it can be easily handled by anyone. It is one of the best solutions to export Gmail to Adobe PDF format without any hurdles.

Note: Before, you start the process, make sure you have enabled IMAP option and less secure apps in Gmail account.

How to enable IMAP option and less secure apps in Gmail account?

Steps to allow less secure apps in Gmail account

  • Open your Gmail account and follow –
  • Now Turn on allow less secure apps

Steps to enable IMAP option in Gmail account

  • Login to Gmail account and go to Settings option
  • Choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Enable IMAP option under IMAP Access and click OK

Working process to export Gmail emails to Adobe PDF

Step 1. Download and start the software.

Step 2. Enter host address, username, and password of your Gmail account. After that, click on the Authenticate button. (Host address –

Step 3. Under Export options choose a desired folder or all folders of Gmail account.

Step 4. Then, select Generate PDF File format.

Step 5. To mention output location, click on the Browse button and specify a location to save PDF files.

Step 6. Hit Backup Now button and this starts exporting Gmail emails to Adobe PDF format.


In the above article, the users will find methods to export Gmail messages into PDF format. A free solution is provided but it contains a few limitations and to overcome its limitations, a professional solution is also explained in the post. Try demo of the software to export 10 emails per folder from Gmail account to PDF format for free.