Softaken Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the process of converting data from one cloud application to another. Due to the changes in the trend and because of attractive features of the current cloud service, the users choose migration of data from one cloud service to another.

The two cloud services which are very popular among users are Gmail and Yahoo. Earlier, people used Yahoo but nowadays, people are moving towards Gmail in large numbers.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

The most important benefit of cloud migration is to access the data to the modern email service. It is based on factors like cost, performance, and security. The common elements of cloud migration include evaluating performance, calculating costs and making necessary organizational changes.

Challenges faced in cloud migration

Along with the benefits of cloud migration, there are several challenges in cloud migration –

  • Sensitivity– Whether the organization is small or large, their database matters a lot for them. When you move data from one cloud environment to another, you need to undergo a migration process wherein all part of the data is migrated to a cloud server. If the data get leaked, there could be a lot of harm to the organization. Therefore, a user should take great care when migrating data from one cloud to another.
  • Security– While migrating data from one cloud to another, a user should take all the security measures so that the data can be transferred in a safe environment.

Solutions for cloud migration

To migrate Yahoo emails to Gmail, the users have several manual as well as software solutions. A user may use a forwarding method for this migration but it is not a certain solution as compared to the software method. The software solution is well-tested by the developers before it was introduced among users. We suggest users go for third-party solution to migrate Yahoo data to Gmail quickly and safely. One of the smart third-party solutions is Softaken Yahoo to GmailMigration Tool which provides 100% accurate migration without any losses. You can check the software completely with a free trial.