Google Apps to MBOX

Export Google Apps to MBOX

An interactive app to smoothly export Google Apps to MBOX

  • Connect with the G Suite account easily
  • Allow to export data from any Google Apps account
  • Give permission to filter data to find desirable migration results
  • Access of Google Apps data to multiple email platforms
  • Technically advance yet friendly app
  • Work in all the latest Windows OS XP/Vista/10/8
MBOX is a highly compatible email file format. With Google Apps to MBOX exporter, users will find choice to store their Google data to Thunderbird, Entourage, WLM, Apple Mail or any MBOX supportive email client. You all know that it is not safe to keep your confidential data in the web server as they can be hacked, missed and mismanaged. Your web server data risk is deteriorated with Google Apps to MBOX Exporter. .

Key Characteristics to Export Google Apps to MBOX

fast and accurate

Fast & Accurate Migration

The export tool enables you to export Google Apps to MBOX quickly without compromising with quality. The app scans entire selected data of Google Apps including meta properties, attachments etc… to provide accurate export results. There is hardly any difference between the original and exported data.

google apps account

Export from Any Google App Account

With Google Apps to MBOX exporter, users can export data of any Google App account. The tool establishes contact with your desirable Google App account in just a few seconds. For this all you need to provide the right username and password.

export data

Save Exported Data Systematically

Give the tool direction to save the exported Google Apps data. Users can save to any drive and a newly created folder or an existed folder. This feature encourages of easy file management. Users can easily manage the exported data.


Effortless to Handle

The Google Apps to MBOX Exporter needs no special technical skill to operate singlehandedly. It has a few simple buttons to execute conversion process. After just one trial, users can familiar with the functions of the app.