How to Export Excel Contacts to Vcard in Batch?

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How to export multiple Excel contacts in a single vCard file?

If you earlier used Excel to save contacts and now want to move all contacts to a single vCard file, then you wait is over. We are here with a complete guide to describe how you can export multiple contacts from Excel to a single vCard file.

We will show you both manual as well as a software solution to export Excel contacts to single VCF file. But prior jumping to the solution, let us start with the basic introduction with Excel, VCF, and reasons to export contacts to vCard from Excel.

Introduction to Excel and VCF

We all are very familiar with Microsoft Excel. It is a spreadsheet with rows and columns in it. Earlier, people use Excel files to save their contact details. Excel saves all its information into XLS or XLSX format.

On the other hand, vCard(VCF) is a standard format for saving contacts. vCard allows users to create and share contact information on multiple devices. It contacts phone number, address, photo, email address, logos, etc. vCard file format is supported by all devices, email services, email clients, and cloud services. Therefore, users want to export Excel contacts to vCard format.

Method to export Excel contacts into vCard format

Export Excel contacts to VCF format using the manual method. It consists of three parts, first export Excel to CSV, import contacts from CSV and after that Export contacts to vCard. Follow the steps to perform the conversion.

  1. Excel to CSV Conversion
  2. Imports contacts from CSV file
  3. Export contacts to vCard

Step 1. Excel to CSV Conversion

  • Open the Excel file
  • Go to Office icon, select Save asand click other formats
  • Provide a location to save CSV file
  • Select CSV in save as type and click Save
  • A message appears, if this workbook contains multiple sheets. Click OK.
  • Click Yeswhen next message appears to leave the workbook in the same format.

Step 2. Import contacts from CSV file

  • Press the Windows key and R key together and type contacts in the search box
  • Hit the Importtab from the Contacts window
  • Select CSV in Import to Windows Contacts wizard
  • Hit the Browse button and locate CSV filethat was created in step 1.
  • Choose CSV file and hit Next
  • Map the contact fields and hit Finishbutton

Export contacts to vCard

  • Again, go to the contact window and select the contacts that you need to export to vCard file format. Hit the Export tab.
  • Select vCard option in Export Windows contact wizard
  • Finally, click Exportbutton and choose a location to save VCF file
  • Click OK

Shortcomings with the manual solution to export Excel contacts to vCard

No doubt, the manual solution works but several users are unable to understand. Moreover, there are other shortcomings associated with this manual solution. Let us know them –

  • This method is lengthy and takes a huge time to complete.
  • Non-technical users are unable to understand this method properly
  • If any step is not performed attentively, users may lose their valuable contacts

Professional solution to transfer Excel contacts to VCF

If you don’t want to choose the manual solution as it is lengthy or you don’t find it comfortable for you, you can go with Softaken Excel to vCard Converterthat lets you export contacts from XLS to vCard file format in a few simple clicks. You can easily export multiple Excel contacts into a single vCard or multiple vCard files. All the Excel contacts are previewed before exporting to vCard file format by the application. Easy loading of contacts from XLSX to vCard and are quickly exported using this application. Users having little or no technical skills can comfortably handle the utility. Moreover, you can export various contacts from Excel file to vCard format in a couple of minutes.

Steps to export XLS contacts to vCard file

Step 1.Install the software successfully on any Windows system.

Step 2.Click on the Browsebutton and add Excel XLS/XLSX file.

Step 3.Get preview of contacts of Excel file and map them with vCard fields. Now, hit the Exportoption available on the top of the left side.

Step 4.Select “Export vCard to single file” option

Step 5.Go to the Browseoption and mention location to save the vCard file.

Step 6.Hit Export vCard Nowand this begins the conversion process.

You will get all contacts from XLS to vCard file format to whom you can easily import into your mobile devices, Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, iCloud and other platforms.

The Final Lines

In this article, we have covered the solution for all those users who have a query “how to export multiple Excel contacts in a single vCard file.” Users can perform the conversion using manual solutions which is a little lengthy and tough for novice users. If the manual method is not fine for you, go with the automated solution. We have mentioned a step by step process of both solutions. I hope now all users can smartly perform the conversion without any hassles.