How to Export names.nsf Contacts into Outlook PST

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How to move names.nsf contacts into Outlook PST format?

Names.nsf contain details of Lotus Notes address book. Lotus Notes separately create a names.nsf file for saving its contacts and when users switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook, they need to transfer names.nsf contacts to Outlook PST format.

Now, the problem is no direct solution is available to move names.nsf contacts into PST format. So, users are asking how to move NSF contacts into Outlook PST format. To get answer to this question, you need to go through this article.

Common reasons to move from Lotus Notes to Outlook

  • Higher cost of installation and maintenance is considerably a reason for users to choose MS Outlook.
  • Outlook is much friendly among users.
  • Outlook is bundled with MS Office Suite, so you don’t need to pay separately for it.

Manual approach to transfer NSF contacts to Outlook PST

As we mentioned above, direct export of Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook PST is not possible. For this, users need to export Lotus Notes names.nsf file to CSV format and then import CSV into Outlook.

  1. Export names.nsf file to CSV format
  2. Import Lotus Notes contacts CSV file to Outlook

Steps for moving Notes names.nsf file to CSV

  • Open Lotus Notes application and go to contacts
  • Click Moreand Export contacts
  • Select all contacts if you want to move all contacts from Lotus Notes
  • Select all fields to export complete information of contacts
  • Provide a location to save the exported contacts
  • Select CSVin save as type option
  • Hit Export

Steps to import CSV contacts file to Outlook

  • Now, launch MS Outlook
  • Click Openand then on Import
  • In Import & Export wizard, select Import from other program or filefrom various options
  • Select CSVoption in import from field
  • Click on Browse button and locate CSV file
  • Choose options to keep or reject duplicates(we prefer to exclude duplicates)
  • Hit Finishbutton

Shortcomings of the manual method

Though the manual method is free but it failed to import all information of contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook. For example, logo and image of contacts can’t be viewed in Outlook. Also, the manual solution appears to be a complicated process for non-technical users.

Therefore, third-party solutions are the better solutions that help users to export names.nsf contacts file of IBM Notes to Outlook PST in a few clicks.

Recommended solution to export Notes names.nsf contacts into Outlook

To overcome the drawbacks of the above mentioned manual solution, we suggest a reliable third-party NSF to PST Converter. This professional approach safely exports all contact details of Lotus Notes to MS Outlook PST format.

The application comes with many impressive features like selective conversion, a preview of Lotus Notes database, interactive GUI, etc. Due to this, it becomes simpler to export Lotus Notes names.nsf address book to Outlook PST format.

Steps to transfer names.nsf contacts into PST format

Step 1.Download and Install the software on your system.

Step 2.Click on the Browsebutton and add Lotus Notes NSF file

Step 3.Find preview of Lotus Notes database. You can easily mark desired itemsfrom Lotus Notes for conversion. Then, hit the Export button available on the top left.

Step 4.Select PST formatunder Export Type

Step 5.Provide a destination path to save PST file.

Step 6.In the end, hit Convert Nowbutton and this begins the conversion process.

Final Words

Manual method can be a little complicated for few users but if you find the manual solution fir for you, you can use it otherwise use the third-party software that suits both technical and non-technical users. Without any data loss, complete contact information is exported with this software. For any queries, contact our support team.