FIX: Outlook Scanpst.exe Tool Not Recognize the File

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How to resolve when Outlook Scanpst.exe Tool Not Recognize the File?

“Inbox Repair Tool when does not recognize the file” error appears when the corrupt file is in under process for recovery using Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool). Due to this error, corrupted PST file recovery process remains incomplete and no information can be recovered from damaged PST file. This post will help you to resolve the error and provide you a quick solution to recover important Outlook data.

Why does Inbox Repair Tool deny to recognize PST file?

Outlook files can be damaged easily therefore it is always advised to keep a backup of important Outlook data. No issue, if you haven’t backup the files, you can still recover the data using Scanpst.exe, Outlook inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool.

However, all the time, the solution does not work. Outlook data files when severely corrupted or damaged, the inbuilt utility is not capable to repair the file and it shows the error code.

Multiple other factors are responsible that denies to recognize PST file like –

Outlook Upgrade – When you have upgraded from lower to newer version of Outlook and the files are not updated properly, the corruption of the chances of your old files are very high in this case. So, make sure to upgrade Outlook version properly. Due to this severe corruption in PST file, users when try to repair them, they face this error “not recognizing PST file”

Insecure Network – When users share Outlook files over an insecure network, they will get corrupt. If the corrupt is severe, users might not be able to recover the database using scanpst.exe.

Exceeding PST file size limit – Exceeding the size of PST file beyond the specified storage limit can make the PST file corrupt and huge-size Outlook data files can’t be repaired by the inbuilt tool.

Hard drive damages – If you know that there is damage to your hard drive, then it will definitely harm your Outlook data files and Outlook Inbuilt tool is unable to deal with this severe damage and throw the error.

Solution to resolve when Outlook Scan.pst Repair Tool did not recognize the file

After going through the reasons to throw this error and failure of Inbox Repair Tool to repair corrupt and damaged Outlook data file, we highly suggest users to choose a safe and reliable automated tool like Softaken PST Repair Tool which ensures 100% recovery of Outlook important data without any hassles. All types of damages are handled by the software irrespective of file size. Users can easily implement the software steps and recover desired items from Outlook PST file.


As emphasized in the post, use the automated solution to deal with sever corruption in PST files. It is the ultimate solution that can help you to fix “Outlook scanpst.exe does not recognize the file” error and to recover PST file database.