Know-How You Can Merge PST On Mac Device

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Outlook is the email client of Microsoft that comes with the most advanced features to manage mails. It gives a flawless working experience to users by offering the most advanced mail management and data security features. The only drawback with Outlook is that it saves data in the PST file format that has a size limitation. To avoid PST file crash because of oversize issue, Outlook users split the PST files.

But accessing and managing multiple PSTs gets difficult over time, and thus when users get the advanced version of Outlook with a larger PST file size limit, they merge all small PSTs into one to create a large PST file.

The older version of Outlook has a smaller size limit of 2 GB. The higher version has a larger size limit of 20GB which users can extend to 50GB and 120 GB upon requirements. The users updating Outlook and having a higher version of Outlook installed in their device merge PSTs to manage emails more effectively.

If you have also updated your Outlook to the more advanced version and now want to merge all PSTs into one, then yes, you can do this. There is a method present to merge multiple PSTs into one. Let's check how.

  • Under what situations users would want to merge PST?
  • When it becomes difficult to work with multiple PST files.

When there is a need of sharing PST files. By merging PSTs into one, users can share a single PST file instead of multiple PST files.

The Best Way To Merge Small PSTs To Single Large File

The best method to merge small PST files into a single large PST is taking the help of third-party software. The third-party software is one of the most credible methods to do the job as it ensures complete data security and zero loss.

And one of the best software for the job is the Softaken Merge PST tool. Here is the step by step guide on how this software merges the PST.

The software merges the PST in just three simple steps. However, to better explain the entire data merge process, we have divided the steps into more numbers. Here is the step by step guide for you.

  • Step One:Install and launch the software on a Mac device, as this utility has been developed for the Mac device.

Install Merge PST for mac

  • Step Two:Upload the PST files in the software using the browse button present in the tool. The software provides two options for the same: The directory mode and file mode.
  • Directory Mode- This mode is like the folder mode. If you have multiple PST files saved in different files in a folder. You can choose this method to upload all the files in software in a single attempt. With directory mode, select the folder. All PST files will get uploaded to the tool automatically after this.
  • File Mode- If you have only a few PST files, you can choose this option to upload all of them in the software one by one. With this option also, you can upload multiple PST files in the software to merge all of them. /li>

Browse PST files

  • Step Three:Next, preview all PST files and the details you have uploaded into the software. The clear broadcasting feature present in the software will help you get a clear view of the PST files you have uploaded to the software. After thoroughly checking all the details, move to the next step.

Merge PST for Mac

  • Step Four:In the option Choose Destination Path, another browse button is present. Click on the browse button to select a destination where you want to save the merged PST file. With this option, you can choose a folder already present in the device or create a new file or folder to save the new PST.

Select Location

  • Step Five:Finally, bring the cursor to the Merge Now button. Once you click on the same, the software will merge all the PSTs you have uploaded into the software. In a short time, you will get a single large PST file.

Merge PST Files for Mac

Benefits Of Using The Softaken Merge PST Utility

This software gives you multiple benefits and makes merging multiple PSTs to one easier. Here are the benefits of using this software.

It Merges Multiple PSTs Into One- Within a few clicks, the software merges multiple PST files into one. It does not matter how many PSTs you have uploaded in the utility.

Support All Mac Versions- The utility is for the Mac OS device. It supports all Mac versions.

Merge Folder With Multiple PST Files- You upload a single folder having multiple PSTs in software using directory mode, and it will merge all of them in a single large PST file.

Accurate Conversion No Data Loss- The software ensures accurate conversion of data. It does not change its format and cause data loss. There will not be any change in the data integrity.

Easy To Use Software - Merge PST utility is an easy to use software with a simple user interface. It does not require technical knowledge, and if any assistance is needed to work with the tool, the user will get round the clock technical assistance.

Check Software Features and Function

Merging multiple PST files to one is simple with this advanced utility. However, if you want to check the features and function of this tool, the demo version of the software is there to help you. The demo version is embedded with all the features and functions. It gives you a clear idea of how this software works. It will also let you merge a few folders in multiple PST files. However, for the complete merger of files, you need to buy the full version of the software.


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