Backup Office 365 Data On Mac Device With Ease

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Office 365 is an application of Microsoft made for users who want to want to keep their data on the cloud. It is one of the most sophisticated applications for data management at present and there are several users of the same.

The application is prevalently used by both individuals and organizations. It is all because of the data management facility that this application offers to its users.

Although keeping data on the cloud makes it secure and accessible round the clock, sometimes the need arises to access it on some other application. E.g. when an organization switch from Office 365 environment to an Outlook Exchange server or any other, they want to transfer data from the cloud to the local device.

Also, some users want to take the backup of Office 365 data on a local device to avoid complete loss of data in case of any unforeseen situation.

There could be many other reasons users take the backup of Office 365 account data and store it on the local hard drive.

But the biggest question is how to backup Office 365 account data on a Mac device? It is one of the most common questions raised by Office 365 account holders. Let's check the most credible platforms to backup Office 365 account data.

Use Office 365 Backup For Mac OS Utility

MAC O-365 Backup is a reliable and trustworthy tool that you can use to take backup of Office 365 account data. The software is embedded with multiple options that not just make the data backup process easy but also quick. Here is the step by step guide on how this software helps to take the backup of Office 365 account data.

  • Step One:Download, install and run the licensed version of software on any Mac device.

Install Office 365 Backup for mac

  • Step Two:After the software opens on the device, a window will open with multiple buttons and blanks. In the first blank given on the top of the window, username and password. Enter the username and password of the office 365 account whose data you want to backup. Make sure you are entering the correct login details.
  • After filling in the details, click on the button “Authenticate User”. After you tap on this button, the software will start connecting with the Office 365 account. And once it does that, a message will pop up stating, “Authenticated Successfully”. Go to the next step after this.

Login Office 365 Account

  • Step Three:Some users do not want a complete backup of Office 365 account data. If you are among them, the software gives you the option to do the selective backup of data. You can choose the folder which you want to backup. E.g. to backup inbox, contact, calendar or other folder select that. However, to backup complete data, select the option ‘All folders’.

Office 365 to PST for Mac

  • Step Four:Another interesting feature of Office 365 Email Backup For Mac software is that it allows you to save backup data in some commonly used file formats. That is, you can save backup data in the following file formats, PST, MSG, EML, EMLX and MBOX. The advantage of saving the backup file in any of these file formats is that you can open the file in any email client that supports the file format. E.g. saving the backup file in PST format will let you open it in Outlook. Similarly, MBOX file format will let you open the backup file data in MBOX supporting email clients that are multiples like Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.

Backup Office 365 to PST

  • Step Five:Choose a destination path to save the backup file. For this click on the Browse button present next to the option ‘Choose a destination path to save file’. You can either choose a folder already present on a Mac device to save the data or create a new folder and name it.

Convert Office 365 to PST for Mac

  • Step Six:Next, click on the button ‘Backup Now’ to start the backup process. The software will take some time to backup data and that will depend on the size of the Office 365 file you are backing up.
  • However, this utility has the most advanced algorithm which makes it very fast. So, you get the backup file soon after the end of the process.

What Are Requisites of Software To Work

The requisite of software is minimum. These are

  • A device with Mac OS, if you are using software for Mac OS.
  • Free space of 512 KB on the hard disk.
  • Uninterrupted internet connection.

Other Interesting Features of MAC Office 365 Backup app

No Date Loss Or Change In Format- The most advanced algorithm present in the software ensures a hundred per cent backup of Office 365 account data. Along with that, it does not change the basic structure of the Office 365 account. It keeps the folder hierarchy, meta details, attachment formatting everything unchanged.

Can Be Used Multiple Time - The software can be used to backup data of multiple Office 365 account one by one. Or it can be used to back up the same Office 365 account data after a regular interval of time.

Pause and Resume The Backup Process- The software come with a pause and resume button to control the data backup process. For any reason, if the user has to stop the backup, they can press the pause button and when resumed, the backup will start from the last left position.

It is how you can backup the entire or selected data of Office 365 account data with convenience.

Get The Demo Version Of Software

The software demo version is also there to let buyers check its features and function before buying. The demo version also lets users save 20 data from each folder to the desired file format.


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