The Easiest Method To Backup Yahoo Mail Box Data On Mac Device

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Backing up your Yahoo email account data on a local device is a good idea. The backup file will help you retain the lost data if anything happens to the Yahoo account.

Though Yahoo mail does not have the export feature which an account holder can use to export data there are options present for users to backup Yahoo mail account data easily. There are three options present for the same.

Print A Hard Copy - You can take the printout of all the mail that you want to backup and keep. You can take the printout of all the emails you want to backup.

Forward The Email To Another Email ID - You can forward all your important emails on a different email ID made on a different platform. It can be a desktop-based email client as well. This way you will be able to save your important emails in your Yahoo account on a local device.

Copy and Paste Important Email in A Doc File - You can copy and paste the content of the email in a doc file and save the same on your device. This doc file will act as the backup file.

All these are common methods to backup important emails. But don’t you think, these methods are good for backing up a few emails? When it comes to taking the backup of the entire yahoo mail account, it is not very feasible.

Because at present when we prefer to keep all our documents in digital form, it is not feasible and safe to keep the hard copy of emails.

Similarly, forwarding Yahoo mail to a different account is not a solution when dealing with a large number of emails or multiple Yahoo mail account.

Furthermore, email is considered a document of proof. To present it as proof, it must be preserved in its original format.

So what is the way to backup Yahoo mail account data?

One of the best methods you can use to backup Yahoo mail account data is backing it up with the help of third-party software. There is multiple software present that helps in doing this job. The software not just backup data, but also allow users to save it in different file formats for future use.

Softaken Yahoo Backup For Mac Software

Softaken Yahoo backup for Mac software is one of the most reliable and performing software to backup Yahoo mail account data. It supports complete and partial data backup according to the requirement of users. Let’s check the step by step method to backup Yahoo mail account data.

  • Step One: Download, install and run this wizard on your Mac device and wait till the main page of software opens up.

Install Yahoo Backup for mac

  • Step Two: On the page, you will find multiple options that will help you in backing up Yahoo mailbox data. At first enter the username and password of the yahoo mail account whose data you want to backup in the given blank. Make sure you are entering the correct details as the software will connect to the Yahoo account.
  • After entering the details, click on the option ‘Authenticate user’. Soon after clicking on the button, the software will start connecting with the Yahoo account. After establishing contact with the right Yahoo account, a message will pop up stating, ‘Authenticated Successfully. After this, go to the next step.

Login Yahoo Account

  • Step Three: If you want to backup all the folders present in your Yahoo account, select the option ‘All Folder’ or select folders whose data you want to backup.
  • This option will help you in the selective backup of data. By using this option, you can backup only those data that are important and exclude other details.

Yahoo to PST for Mac

  • Step Four: It is the most important step in the data backup process by Softaken Yahoo Backup For Mac OS software. The software provides you with three options to save the backup file. The options are PST, MSG, MBOX, EML and EMLX.
  • You can save the backup file in any of the file formats and later access this file in any email client that supports the particular file format. E.g. if you chose to save the backup file in PST format. You will be able to import PST in Outlook and access its content in the Outlook email application.

Backup Yahoo to PST

  • Step Five: In the next step, select a destination to save the backup data. For this, click on the browse button present next to the option ‘Select destination path to save the backup file’. The software gives you both options, you can either select any of the folders already present in your device or you can create a new file and give it a name.

Convert Yahoo to PST for Mac

  • Step Six: After selecting the file format, click on the button “backup Now’. The software will start taking the backup of data soon after.
  • Following the same method, you can backup data of multiple Yahoo account one by one or backup data of a single account at a regular interval of time.
  • As far as the system requirement for backup of Yahoo mail account on a Mac device is a concern, then software requisites are minimum. Its requirements are a device with Mac OS any version, 512 KB free space on hard disk, and an uninterrupted internet connection.

Check The Features Of Softaken Yahoo Backup For Mac Tool

The software has the demo version, which is the replica of the licensed version embedded with all the features and functions. To check the features of this utility, you can download the free version. It will allow you to do all tasks. And let you save 20 data from each folder of Yahoo inbox.


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