How to use Hotmail in Apple Mail? – Simplified Solution

If you have a query how to migrate Hotmail emails to Mac Mail and it has not been resolved yet so don't bother and visit this useful post to know the solution of this query. Hotmail is a web-based email application but sometimes, users want to access Hotmail emails in Apple Mail, which is a desktop-based email application. Let us understand the complete process to move Hotmail emails into Mac Mail.

To link Hotmail to Apple Mail, there are 2 steps –

Step 1. Export emails into Apple Mail supported format

Step 2. Import Hotmail downloaded MBOX file to Apple Mail

These two steps are discussed in details below.

Step 1. Export Hotmail Emails into Apple Mail Supported Format

enter login details of hotmail complete view database hotmail account process now button to begin

Step 2. Import downloaded MBOX files into Mac Mail

  • Open your Mac Mail application on Mac operating system.
open mac mail select import mailboxes choose files in mbox format select inbox mbox file

Time to Wrap up

Now, users learnt with this article that it is a 2-step process to move emails into Mac Mail. By this, users can easily connect to Mac Mail application. The complete process requires no technical expertise.