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Mac Data Recovery

A user friendly Mac recovery app to recover deleted files

Softaken Mac Data Recovery application is capable to perform accurate and safe recovery of lost music files, photos, documents, or videos which intentionally or unintentionally deleted from NTFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT and ExFAT.

  • Allows recovery of lost files from MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Air and iMac
  • Facilitates data recovery from Encrypted file systems
  • RAW recovery on lost Mac volumes
  • Complete data recover of Mac OS X after logical disk errors
  • Fast and uninterrupted recovery from OS X volumes
  • Enable to perform recovery from Time Machine hard drive
  • A user friendly and easy to operate app
  • Meet recovery needs fast & with accuracy
  • Compatible with the macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.9, 10.8, 10.6

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Top Key Features of MAC Data Recovery Software

Softaken Mac Recovery app empowers you to recover varieties of tasks. This is an extremely sophisticated and useful utility

Complete Mac Data Recovery

Softaken Mac Data Recovery is a professional utility, loaded with wide varieties of features to perform complete recovery including documents, music, videos, photos etc… no matter what causes the loss such as virus attack, accidental deletion, drive formatting etc…

Restore Deleted Volumes

Uninterrupted restoration! A powerful application to locate and rebuild damaged/corrupted/deleted volumes on any HFS, FAT, HFS+ or ExFAT formatted drive. Multiple Mac devices are supported to restore deleted volumes.

Optical Media Recovery

Using CDs and DVDs time and again can form scratches on them and make them inaccessible. Softaken Data Recovery app enables you to filter and recover all important data stored on damaged or improperly burnt optical media.

Recovery of Encrypted Data

In case, your password protected data has been damaged or corrupted, don’t lose hope. With this advanced software, you can recover data from encrypted hard disks. Connect the drive to your Mac and start the software. It will ask you to provide the password to unlock the particular drive. Once it is unlocked, proceed for recovery of deleted or inaccessible files.

System Startup Disc

Your Mac can be unbootable if its boot volume is inaccessible. In this condition, use Softaken Mac Recovery app which supports a bootable system startup DVD. Boot the Mac by using the startup disc and then recovers data.

Recover Permanently Trashed Files

The Mac Data Recovery app is capable to restore of permanently deleted files in the trash. It offers effortless recovery of deleted items. The tool restores deleted items with their original file names. Fast recovery is performed.

Deep Scan Support

The Mac File Recovery app has capacity to perform “Quick Scan” if you have lost data after an accidental Trash empty operation. In case, files have been deleted due to volume formatting or corruption, “Advanced Scan” is performed to scan missing files. The scanning may take a bit more time than a quick scan.

Recovery of RAW

In case, you are not getting satisfactory results through Data Recovery and Deleted Recovery options, choose “RAW Recovery” option. It is based on the principal of file signature matching to correctly identify over 122 different file types to perform completely recovery.

Recovery of Time Machine Backup

A Time Machine Backup holds critical data to refer it during emergencies. In case the backup is structurally damaged, don’t be upset. The app makes Time Machine backup accessible easily. Connect your backup drive to your Mac and launch the app. It treats the backup as a normal drive.

Control on Recovery Process

You can stop recovery process with “Resume Recovery” feature that saves the so far recovered data in an image format. The particular .DMG file can be loaded anytime to resume the data recovery process.

Restore Lost Media

The advanced Mac Data Recovery app gets back priceless memories including photos, videos and music. The recovery app scans the entire hard drive to retrieve data no matter what is the cause of deletion such as virus attack, accidental deletion etc…

Recovery from External Hard Disk

The Mac data recovery app is versatile, makes you possible to rescue deleted or lost data from any HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS or EXFAT formatted hard disk drive. Complete data recovery is achieved with just a few simple clicks. No data interruption is faced.

BootCamp Partition Recovery

The app supports smooth recovery of NTFS partitions on Mac. If the BootCamp partition on Mac has been damaged, deleted or corrupted, you don’t need to fret. The feature works even the Mac is not setup as a standard Boot Camp dual-partition disk.

Create Images

The software performs not only recovery but also gives the chance to create an entire image of the Mac hard drive to use it later. The disk image file called .DMG is stored to hard drive or any external drive.

Simple & Sophisticated

This is a lightweight utility with simple interface. The simplicity allows you to operate it with less technical assistance. Steps are self-expressive. Users find confident to run the app singlehandedly.


It means the hard drive has any physical damage. If the data loss is triggered due to physical damage, no program can help you to recover data. Contact a technician for this.
It occurs due to permanent physical damage to the disk. It may crash the system. In this condition, it is must that recover data from your system as earliest as possible. Use ‘create image’ feature of your software to perform recovery.
Yes, the software has capacity to perform the recovery.