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SQL Recovery

Repair corrupted or damaged MS SQL Server database files (both .MDF & .NDF)

Softaken SQL Recovery program is capable to fix all damaged issues of SQL Server database. It makes users accessible of MDF and NDF database files. The program performs the highest level of non-destructive repair algorithm in order to achieve data integrity.

  • Repair corrupted NDF and MDF files of SQL database server
  • Recover whole data including keys, indexes, triggers, tables, and defaults
  • Perform deleted records recovery
  • Allow to search and recover specific database objects
  • Save data to not only MS SQL but also HTML, XLS, & CSV formats
  • Highly compatible to work with all MS SQL Server including 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016

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SQL Data Recovery Key Features

Simple App to Repair SQL

A simple & straightforward app to recover SQL databases with ease, recovers both minor and severe corruption in no time.

Repair SQL Database Completely

The recovery app work for all scenarios of database corruption which has been raised due to hardware problem such as bugs, app crash, OS malfunction, virus, unexpected system shutdown etc... It brings database to a consistent state.

Recover Deleted Record

The SQL Recovery app facilitates its users to recover deleted records of corrupt database. All deleted records are recovered and saved without any modification. It lets you save data in a newly created table of the original file to help you determine differences between deleted records and repaired corrupted files.

Repair with Full Accuracy

All components of SQL database are recovered gently by the app. It repairs Views, Indexes, Tables, Triggers, Rules, User’s Defined Functions, Keys and more. In addition, the utility is capable to perform recovery of XML indexes and data types.

Find Recovery of Targeted Data

Softaken SQL Recovery app performs recovery as per your desire. It means you are asked to select specific database objects that you would like to recover. The tool lets you perform deep search to locate the targeted file for recovery.

Recover Data of MDF & NDF Files

The SQL database recovery application repairs corruption caused in MDF and NDF files. It helps to carry out recovery of all objects of .mdf and .ndf files. All objects of both primary and secondary files are obtained with no effort.

Save to Multiple Formats

The app saves the data in either MS SQL server or provides you with the option to save repaired SQL database to CSV, HTML or XLS file format. The recovery and data saving processes are safe to follow. It doesn’t need installation of SQL.

Shows Clean Preview

The app scans the corrupted database and shows you with preview of the items in a tree-like structure. You can select any table to view its content. Neat and clean preview of the data is provided by the software.

Save Recovered Items to Your Location

The location to save the recovered SQL database is decided by you. The tool asks you to provide an appropriate location to save the recovered data. Save it to a new folder or use an existed folder.

Fixes All SQL Corruption

The sophisticated app has been designed to fix minor to sever corruption with ease. It fixes a host of SQL corruption errors like 5171, 3414, 8942, header file corruption, clustered or non-clustered database corruption etc...


The demo version of the app shows you preview of the app. It displays the key functions of the app and allows you practically understand it.
The Softaken SQL Recovery app displays preview of the repairable database without installation of SQL.
The software saves the recovered data to a new file.