softaken apple mail duplicate remover

Apple Mail Duplicate Remover

A reliable app to remove duplicates from Apple Mail files by across files or within each file or folder

  • Enable users to remove duplicates from selective Apple Mail files
  • Remove duplicates from single or multiple Apple Mail files
  • Remove duplicates across all Apple Mail files
  • Remove duplicates within each Apple Mail file or folder
  • Match filtration options to remove copied items using the selected fields like subject and date
  • After removing copied items save Apple Mail files to the specified local folders
  • During removal the tool retains structure and file quality
  • A self-descriptive application to eliminate copied databases within a few clicks
  • A free demo trial available to convert to the licensed version

Reasons to Use Softaken Apple Mail Duplicate Remover

remove duplicate

Remove Duplicates Irrespective of Reasons

Apple Mail creates duplications because of configuration problems, slow servers, synchronization issues, backup issues, add-ons, and several other reasons. The application helps to remove duplicates from Apple Mail files in all situations. It removes duplicates from Apple Mai files of any size.

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Quick and Seamless Removal of Duplicates

Removing duplicate emails manually can be time-consuming and tiring. When you choose the Softaken Apple Mail Duplicate Remover, you don’t need to look for other alternatives. The application offers the removal of copied data from more than one file at a time. It offers seamless removal of duplicates.

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Suitable for Everyone

It is a reliable program for everyone. Whether individuals or businesses of any size, all of them can consider the application to remove duplicates from an infinite number of Apple Mail files. During the removal process, the application keeps the file quality intact. The structure, meta properties, and content remain the same.

Understanding Reasons for Apple Mail Duplicates- Apple Mail creates duplicates because of configuration issue, server errors, synchronization issues, built-in tools, and backup of data.

Highlighted Features of Softaken Apple Mail Duplicate Remover


Remove Duplicates from Single/Multiple Files

The softaken tool is advanced. It can remove duplicate items from a single Apple Mail file to multiple Apple Mail files. It allows users to upload and remove duplicate databases from as many Apple Mail files as they desire in one go. It is a time-saver feature to increase productivity by reducing stress.


Upload Specified Apple Mail Files

The app has two types of filtration modes- File Mode and Folder Mode to upload locally saved Apple Mail files to prepare them for removing duplicates. The “File Mode” can filter and upload specific Apple Mail files one by one. The “Folder Mode” uploads multiple Apple Mail files at once.


Remove Duplicate with Each File or Folder

The advanced feature helps to remove duplication from each file or folder. Here the tool automatically picks one file to remove copied items and then prepares another file to remove copied data. It is also the safest option to eliminate unnecessary items.


Match Filtration Option

The match filtration option removes duplicates by the parameter users have instructed. It offers to remove duplicates by subject, body, attachments, date and time, to, from, and all options. Users can pick all options or specific options to filter and remove duplicates.


A User-Friendly Single Window App

It is a single-window application. It doesn’t require technical skills to run. Buttons in the app are self-descriptive. The single window doesn’t confuse users to run the program independently. It is also a lightweight and easy-to-download application.

FAQs on Softaken Apple Mail Duplicate Remover

Steps to use the Softaken Apple Mail Duplicate Remover

  1. Step 1- Download and launch the application on your system
  2. Step 2- Filter and upload Apple Mail files
  3. Step 3- Select duplicate removal type- Across folders or within each file or folder
  4. Step 4- Choose the Match Filter options you desire
  5. Step 5- Click on the Browse tab and select a local location to save data
  6. Step 6- Press the final button to complete the process
Yes, the application can scan and remove copied items from Apple Mail files of any size. There is no file size restriction.
Yes, it removes duplicate databases on the parameter of dates and times. You have multiple options to filter duplicate items from Apple Mail files.
Yes, the application is user-friendly and self-descriptive. It has a single window to remove duplicates within a few clicks.
It is a lightweight program to install. It doesn’t slow down the system when you use it.
The demo version is a trial version. It removes limited duplicates from an Apple Mail file. It demonstrates the use of the application to help you decide to get its license.
The app has three suitable versions- Individual, Business, and Enterprise. All of them offer the same features. However, they have restrictions on installation. An individual version can install in not more than two systems.
The application is valid indefinitely. This means you can use the app as long as you desire. Its validity never expires.

Software Specifications

System Requirement

ProcessorAny Pentium Class

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Other

Memory512 MB Minimum

Hard Disk100 MB of free space for software installation

Software Delivery

ElectronicVia Email


Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Support OptionEmails, Chat & Skype

Feature Comparison of MBOX Duplicate Remover - Trial and Licensed Version

  • Remove Duplicate Emails
  • Add Files & Folder
  • Support Installed Thunderbird
  • Remove duplicates within the Folder(s)
  • Remove duplicates across the Folder(s)
  • Support Windows 10/8/7/others
  • Limitation
  • Price
DEMO Version
  • Count Duplicate Emails
  • FREE
FULL Version
  • Remove Duplicates
  • $49

Client Reviews

Jack L. Fore

United States

  I have recommended the application to one of my friends who is using Apple Mail for years. He thanked me twice. Therefore, I am here to thank you. It is a simple and straight app.  

Marco Vels


  My experience with Apple Mail is always better but the duplicate file problem has not gone until I started using your application. It is a remarkable tool for removing duplicates without losing quality.  

Sam Stokes


  Before using this app, I used to remove duplicates from Apple Mail manually. It was time-consuming and tiring. I ended up removing the original items. This app is a lifesaver for me.  

Kauê Dias Costa


  It is a practical solution to use. I have found this app interactive and very easy to run. Its smart duplicate filtration feature gives me control over removing duplicate databases.  

Augustyn Woźniak


  I am here to give an honest review of this application. It removes duplicate items fast and keeps the file quality intact. I have used this application around 10 times and eliminated duplicates from over 500 files. Doesn’t it sound great?