How to Use Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe)

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Find Out ScanPST in Outlook 2010 and 2013

ScanPST is formally known as scanpst.exe which is the Outlook Inbox Repair tool used to verify Outlook PST files for integrity errors. The earlier versions of Outlook allows easy operation of ScanPST but the latest versions Outlook 2010 and 2013 make the access of ScanPST harder and time consuming.

Importance of ScanPST

The default file format of Outlook is PST. Every files of Outlook are stored automatically in PST format. In case, the Outlook sessions start crashing, it could be due to a faulty PST data file. To evaluate the data error of Outlook, it is important to run ScanPST program which helps remove the PST data error.

Check Out Locations

Depending on versions of Window and Outlook, here are the locations of scanpst.exe.

Outlook 2010 x 32 bit

C: Program Files\MicrosoftOffice\Office 14

Outlook 2010 x 64 bit

C: Program Files\MicrosoftOffice\Office 14

Outlook 2013 x 32 bit

C: Program Files\MicrosoftOffice\Office 15

Outlook 2013 x 64 bit

C: Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 15

Click to Run in Outlook 2013

Use the “Click to Run” system, check the rootOffice15 folder which is found in C: Program Files\Microsoft Office 15.

Using ScanPST

scan pst

It is simple to run the option. The inbox repair icon will ask you to browse the PST file that you want to scan. Fill the name of the file and scanning will start.