How to Remove Duplicates Emails from Outlook PST

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Grab the Easy Steps for Removing Duplicate Outlook PST files

MS Outlook users sometimes are not aware of the duplicate email option. They need to turn off the feature for not downloading the emails again. Outlook users when try to import the emails in MS Outlookthey need to know one important thing. Before importing the emails, you need to turn off the duplicate detection tab from the email client.

If this option is not turned off then there is the possibility of downloading duplicate emails in Outlook.

If you face such scenarios and your mailbox is filled up with unlimited duplicate emails. Then, users need to choose a professional tool for removing duplicate emails. Do read the blog for checking out the unlimited solutions for removing duplicate PST files.

Check out the major reasons how duplicate emails can become trouble?

Some of the major problems that Outlook users come across discussed below. The duplicate emails increase the size of the mailbox. Also, it makes the complete system performance slow. Thus, removing duplicate emails is the best solution to overcome the issue. Outlook users might face any of the scenarios given below:

  • Huge amount of confusion as of similar emails

Because of duplicate emails, it becomes difficult to search for the desired email. Also, if one has replied to the first email. Then it is difficult to check whether a reply did for that particular mail or not.

One of the best solutions for checking this appropriately. Users need to remove the duplicate PST files from the mailbox data. If this situation happens in an organization. Then it leads to high trouble. As team members might face problems while checking the acknowledgment of emails.

  • Size limitation issue

Because of duplicate emails, this increases the size of the Outlook email clients. In some of the cases, users might have email attachments as well. This brings a huge amount of size issues to an email client. Ultimately the email application will run slow and this comes with various issues.

  • Outlook configuration with Exchange Server or Office 365

Some of the scenarios observed when the emails configured from Outlook to Office 365 or Exchange Server. Then duplicate email observation is sure in the email. This will lead to an increase in the size of the mailbox.

  • Backup of Outlook is not easy and time-consuming

As for the huge email size. It is not easy to take backup in a small span of time. If users wish to add some extra space to their account. Then they would have to pay some amount for extra space.

Do have an eye on the following reasons which are common for duplication of emails

  • Configuration is not appropriate

Users who are not aware of the technical configuration of the email clients. If you have any doubt while setting up the configuration. Do not check any rules without any knowledge. This may turn into downloading duplicate emails to your mailbox.

  • Synchronization plays a major role

If users do not send or receive the emails at proper time intervals. This can lead to making the email data duplicate.

  • Account error or wrong email settings

Some of the users set up emails on different devices. Like they use laptops and mobiles for checking the emails. This way the emails downloaded on each device. This may affect the synchronization of emails to the mailbox data. Another reason is whether the settings are not appropriate. This may lead to download any of the emails multiple times.

If outlook users wish to save their email size data. They need to remove the duplicate emails. This can be done by choosing a professional application. It is advised for the users to try the software tool as this will not be time-consuming.

Choose the reliable software - Get Free from PST Duplicate Files

Softaken PST Duplicate Remover can help Outlook users to remove their duplicate emails easily. Users can try the different versions available over the online website.

The software comes in two versions. One is a demo and the other is a licensed version. Users can download the freeware product at first. Once you download the demo version on your local machine. You need to install the same and launch the icon. The freeware product will help users to understand the working of the software. The demo product is capable of doing limited work as the software is free. If you need unlimited access to the software. Users need to work with the licensed version of the software.

The professional application comes with various benefits also. The software is a standalone application. Users need not to install another third-party tool for working with PST Duplicate remover application. There is no limitation on the software and operating system versions.

Let us know the steps and working of the software.


Users need to download the software on their local system. After downloading you need to install the application. Then launch the same on your local machine.

After launching you will be able to see the following interface.

remove duplicate

Users can add the PST files from the two options available in the above dialog box.

Select folder having PST/OST files (recursive)

With this option users can add the complete folder with multiple PST files.

Single Single/Multiple PST/OST files

With this option, users can add the PST files using one by one method.

Then you need to hit the browse button. This way you can choose the PST/SOT files easily.

Step 2:

Then you need to select the correct option for removing duplicate emails from the mailbox.

Choose the appropriate option from the below buttons available

  • Remove duplicate across all folders

This helps to remove the duplicate files from all the Outlook folders.

  • Remove duplicate with each folder

Within each folder, users can remove the duplicate files.

Then select the Output location by browsing the system path. Once you are done with the above steps.

Now you need to hit the Remove duplicates emails. The process will begin to remove similar emails from mailbox data.