How to Save Outlook Emails as PDF

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Make yourself specialize by saving the email as PDF in MS Outlook

Outlook email client saves the mailbox data in PST file format. The files and related data get saved on your local system. People who work with Outlook email client they are not offered to transfer their emails. For transferring the emails from one place to another. There should be a solution named Portability.

Outlook users can try to save the emails in PDF by using a professional application. The third-party software is reliable to provide effective solutions.

PDF is a portable document file that is completely safe and secure for usage. Many people and organizations rely on PDF file format. Thus, choosing an application for saving emails in PDF format is the best choice.

Saving an Email as PDF in Outlook is not an easy task - Common Queries by Outlook Users

Some of the queries asked by the Outlook users who work with Windows. Users who are aware of the Windows operating system. They should know that saving emails in PDF was a bigger task in the early versions of Windows. While in the updated version of Windows version 10. Users will be able to take the print of an email. Then this can be saved in PDF file format.

Outlook users can save the emails in PDF format by following the below steps. In this blog, we will discuss the easy steps and processes for saving emails in PDF. One of the important advantages of the below steps is that you can do the same in any of the Windows versions.

Let us begin to get the knowledge for saving PDF on your computer system.

Method 1:

Print feature available in MS Outlook email client.

  • In Windows 10 updated version, users can get an option to print the emails. Then they can save the same in PDF format on local machines. MS Outlook does not provide the default option to save the emails in PDF file format.
  • The Outlook versions which support Windows 10 operating system are 2016, 2013, and 2010.
  • Outlook users need to open the emails on their system. Choose the email files which you wish to save in PDF format. Then click on the File tab option. This will allow you to click on the print option.
  • There will be different options available in the drop-down list. Then check the relevant printer from the available options in Microsoft printer. Click the option to take the print and save the file in PDF file format.
  • Then try to save the saved file at the destination where you wish to save the PDF file.

In MS Outlook 2007 version - How to save emails in PDF?

Users who work with MS Outlook 2007 will not get an option to take the print as default. These people need to save the emails in a document. Like MS office word document then they can take its print to save in PDF file format.

What to do if Microsoft is not compatible with PDF characteristics?

  • Outlook users who wish to take the print of emails for saving them in PDF format. They can follow the below-described steps.
  • Outlook users need to open the emails which they want to convert in PDF format. Then you need to open the File tab and choose the Save as an option.
  • Outlook users need to open the emails which they want to convert in PDF format. Then you need to open the File tab and choose the Save as an option.
  • After clicking on the save type option. Users need to choose the HTML option from the drop-down list. Then save PST the file as an HTMLextension.
  • In the next step, you need to open the word file on your system.
  • Then open the respective HTML file from the File menu option.
  • Now you can save the respective file in PDF format.

Another Easy Solution for Saving Outlook emails in PDF format - By Choosing the Software Application

There is plenty of software available on the internet. Users can choose the software by examining the reviews on the basis of its working. Softaken PST to PDF converterprovides an effective solution to users. The software comes in two versions:

Demo version:Outlook users can choose the demo software. With the freeware version, users can check out the working of the application. With the help of a freeware product, users can get a complete understanding of the application.

Demo version comes with some of the limited availabilities.

Licensed version:Users need to choose the licensed version for the proper working of the application.

Let us now check the various steps of the software application. With these simple steps, users can easily save the Outlook emails in PDF file format.

Different Steps and working of Professional Application


Try to download the software on your computer system. Then double click the icon present on the desktop. Once you launch the icon, users will be able to see the following interface.

PST File Format

Outlook users need to select the PST file from the given radio option after browsing. Check out the next step to proceed.

Step 2:

In the next step, users will be able to check the preview of the files. The folders will be available in the left panel.

PST to PDF Converter

Step 3:

In the next step, users need to choose the export type. There are three different options available as PDF, HTML and MHTML. After choosing the radio button. Users need to select the select type option.

There are two options available as check box. Users need to choose the check box as per their convenience and requirement.

In case if you need to export as complete PST file (or Save Office 365 to PDF). Then check the first checkbox as shown in the dialog box. Else, choose the second checkbox which is named as selected folders. There is a default check which is already checked for Ignore empty folders.

After the above steps, only last step is to browse the output location. After browsing the desired location on your computer system. Now you need to just click on the convert now button.

Once you hit the convert now button, the process will start and deliver the appropriate output.

Export PDF file