Windows 7

What is Windows 7? Key Features

Describing Windows 7 requires pages. Here the topic describes some key points of Windows 7 operating system.

4 mainstream versions of Windows 7 are:

  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Additional versions are:

  • Starter
  • Home Basic

Home Premium and Professional versions are well suitable for individuals and small businesses while Ultimate is aimed at enthusiasts. The Starter version is for low-cost devices like Netbooks. In comparison to Home Premium, Starter doesn’t support advanced multimedia functions.

Enterprise is available only to customers who purchase Software Assurance (SA) from Microsoft. It includes features—multiple language user interface and enhancements to remote corporate data access. Windows 7 Ultimate combines all the features of a home and business operating systems.

Enhanced Features of Windows 7

  • 32 and 64 bit computing support – With 64-bit version, It supports up to 192 GB of RAM. Users have got enough memory.
  • Speech Recognition — With this feature, users have found input method beyond the mouse and keyboard. It means, the system is capable to support spoken corrections and multiple languages.
  • Aero – This feature provides an ultimate and premium visual experience. It holds translucent windows with strong graphic advances. The visual appearance you get is exceptional with this feature. The glass window boarder will let you focus on the contents of your open windows.
  • Internet Explorer 8 – The added feature enhances compatibility view and private browsing. It makes the browsing experience more secure by restricting to access the operating system by default.
  • Fast User Switching development – Windows 7 supports fast user switching in the domain and the workgroup modes. It allows users fast user switching when it is joined to the domain.
  • Repair and restart improvements – In case multiple services based on each other and one service doesn’t work or fails to work, Windows 7 has capability to restart the affected service without reboot the computer. Some repair actions are OS codes, drivers and applications.

Some additional features of Windows 7 that make the operating system exceptional:

  • Jump List – Jump lists keep the most recent or used things at your fingertips. Access to a file, photo or website that you use a lot with just two clicks!
  • Pin – In the taskbar, pin the required files to jump lists. It keeps you always in reach of your most used files.
  • Snap – The feature gives users freedom to arrange the size of windows by simply dragging their borders. It instantly expands to full or small screen. Open two windows side by side.
  • View Available Networks – Find and connect to VPN, wi-fi and mobile broadband quickly.
  • Instant Search – The moment you start typing, you start getting related suggestions. Visual results may also be provided like stock charts, photos, weather etc…
  • Compatibility View – In case, a webpage is not appearing in the right angle, click the compatibility view button on the Address Bar to make correction to misaligned text or images on the page designed for older browsers.

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