Windows Vista

It is one of the most popular operating systems. It was released for public in 2007. As compared to XP, Windows Vista is more advanced and user friendly OP. Service Pack 2 is an important update of Windows Vista because it includes many updated features to make Vista experience exceptional for users.


Use DVD-ROM media to install Vista.


Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Business 64-bit, Windows Vista Enterprise etc… are some popular formats of Windows Vista.

New Features

Windows Aero

The added feature of the operating system includes live icons, live thumbnails and animations to offer pleasing display experience. It supports high end graphics. Aero supports Hover Effect where users hover the cursor over minimized programs to get preview of what is running at present without opening the full screen.


The feature allows navigation easier. It supports preview feature where users can easily get preview of files. Search becomes more interesting and easy. The search button provides hints as you type. Thus, looking for certain files become easier. Users can make easy search for metadata like size, attributes and extension.


The sidebar of Windows Vista helps to organize small applications like weather or sport scores.


It has high-end security, supports Bidirectional Firewall, full disk encryption and user account protection.


The updated version of Windows Vista allows users to connect with Windows Mail and Contacts. The Vista calendar is compatible with various types of calendar files like iCalendar.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery option is highly compatible with library management application. Photos can be easily imported from digital cameras. They can be tagged and customized according to colours.

DVD Maker

Windows Vista supports Windows Movie Maker which allows users to create DVDs according to their needs. They can capable to customize soundtrack, videos, motion effects etc…

Fax and Scan

Windows Vista has updated version for Business and Enterprise versions the fax and scan facility. It easily connects computer with fax to receive and send fax files and scan them.

Easy Upgrade

Users who are using basic can easily upgrade to premium version. This advantage is provided without compromising quality. Your data is not going to be erased if you update your Windows Vista upgraded versions.

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