Windows 8

What is Windows 8?

Windows 8 is an operating system like Windows 7. If you are interested to know what is special about Windows 8, it is must for you to understand the prime differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8.

According to experts, Windows 8 looks better than Windows 7.

Features of Windows 8

  • Metro Interface and Touch – The fundamental difference between Windows 7 and 8 is the main interface. The Metro Interface is the touch and tile interface that focuses on information, content and movement. Live information displays like your emails, photos or videos.
  • Easy Search – In Windows 7, users need to first click on start button and then the search bar to find a specific file. But with Windows 8, start typing and the related results start flashing on the screen.
  • Windows Apps – For Windows 8, lots of apps are available to choose from. Each app is designed to run on x86 Windows PCs, tablets and laptops as well as smart phones. Some popular applications are email app, an improved version of contact app, photo, weather, finance etc… These features are not available with Windows 7.
  • Upgrade – Windows 8 boots up quickly and doesn’t consume much RAM than Windows 7. It means it works faster than Windows 7. For people using Windows 8 on their mobile find longer backup and snappier performance.
  • Performance – Comparison between these two operating systems has been done by tech experts many times. They have observed that the speed of Windows 8 is better than Windows 7. This is truly an upgraded version. The start-up time of Windows 8 is faster than Windows 7. During comparison, users have observed that Windows 8 took 18 seconds to open whereas Windows 7 took 27 seconds. The shutdown time of Windows 8 is just 8 seconds whereas Windows 7 takes 12 seconds.
  • Security – UEFI and a boot-level malware scanner prevent the PC from booting. Windows 8 seems more secure than Windows 7.
  • System Recover – When Windows 8 gets corrupt, users have 2 options- reset and refresh. The refresh button re-installs Windows in-place. With reset but, all personal data and software deleted.
  • In Windows 7, CPU restores all the default content with restart process.
  • Integration with Cloud – Windows 8 has Cloud integration facility but Windows 7 doesn’t support the feature. With Cloud, it is possible to store large amount of data on servers.

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