Windows XP

Windows XP is a Personal Computer Operating System which was released in 2001. The Windows operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft. From April 2014, support and updates for Windows XP has been dropped by Microsoft. For the past 12 years, Microsoft was taking care of the OS.

Microsoft says that both its software and hardware partners are keen to invest their resources towards the latest technologies to provide the best experience of technology to people of the world. As a result, all types of technical assistance for XP dropped.

“Not providing support to XP” means Microsoft is no longer providing Microsoft Security Essential to install Windows XP. It indicates that it is not safe to download the operating system. If you use XP, you can put your PC to security risks.

There were millions of users of Windows XP. It was one of the most popular operating systems.

System Requirements

Those who were interested to use Windows XP they must paid attention that their systems meet the standard of the Operating System. For both home edition, 64 MB memory power is required whereas 256 MB for Professional edition. The display should be 800 x 600 for both editions. The CPU for home based should be Pentium or compatible and BIOS or compatible firmware. For professional, the CPU should be x86-64 or compatible and BIOS or compatible firmware.

Standard Key Features

  • Fast user switching
  • Simplified user interface
  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Networking assistance
  • Remote assistance

The professional version is the most improved version than home based.

  • Automated system recovery
  • Integration of the PC and data storage
  • Use of multiple monitors
  • Receive and send fax support
  • User guidelines
  • Recovery function

There have been 3 service packs launched for Windows XP. Each contains power to fix bugs and some additional features that separate one from another pack. The Service pack 1 was released in 2002, contained more than 300 minor post-RTM bug fixes. The service pack 2 was released in 2004 with improved Wi-Fi support, partial support for Bluetooth. The security of the Service pack 2 is more advanced than Service Pack 1. The security improvement was made on browsing and emailing. The service pack 3 was released in 2008 with promising updates in Windows XP. The Pack 3 supports network access protection (NAP) client that restricts network access to the systems that are not compliance with as per defined health requirements.

The security systems are defined well in the XP Service Pack 3. The pack supports all key features of previous versions.

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