Incremental Backup Option

If you have pondered upon, What is Incremental Backup, then this blog is meant for you. Incremental backup Option is an advanced feature that is often used to solve issues like item duplicity and also prevents various software to create a new duplicate .pst files that have the same target. It can detect if any other software has create a same PST file while processing the system.

Incremental backup option is a useful option in case you want a backup of mailbox items from different kinds of serves including Exchange Server, office 365, and Outlook Profile.

The Functions of Incremental Backup Option

  • If you happen to search for the “Incremental BackupOption”, the software will give you all the logs for the items that have to be exported to their final target i.e. PST file format.
  • If the user choses to export the same mailboxes items to the same target once again, the software will automatically halt the process and will not backup the files that were exported before.
  • In case the original source of the folder path is similar to the previous one, Incremental Backup option will only export those items and files that were not migrated earlier to the existing source locations, PST files.

For example, if you chose to back up items from the Admin Mailbox to the Target Folder, i.e. C:\backup\,

The software will automatically create AdminMailbox.pst file in the Target Folder C:\backup

You will see the following command:

Pioneer backup: AdminMailbox (1000 items) ---------------------1000 items -------------------Target (AdminMailbox.pst) (total 1000 items)

Second backup: Say, after ten days the AdminMailbox item gets increased to 1100 and we want to take a backup of AdminMailbox items, in that case it will be directly added back to AdminMailbox.pst's 1000 items instead of creating a new PST.

The command would be:

AdminMailbox (1100 items) -----------------only increased 100 items-------------Target (C:\backup\AdminMailbox.pst) (total 1100 items)

  • In case, the target folder or the log folder is somehow deleted or is not presented by the user, the software will now export all the items of the mailbox in new PST files.

This Option Comes Handy:

What to do when session breaks with source or network failure: - In case your software fails to export the items in one go or fails midways during the export, all you have to do is run the process once again and it will then take a backup of the items that failed midway and will add them to the same PST files.

What to do if taking back up after a period: - If you are a user and want to take a backup after some time, you might experience the increased items during this period n the mailboxes. In that case, only the newly added items would be exported to the already existing PST files.

However, if you will not check the Incremental Backup Option, in that case a new .pst file will generate by itself and will take the backup automatically of all the items once again.
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