Know, how to add Exchange Server Mailboxes, Office 365 Mailboxes, and Outlook Profile Store as a source?

Once you have fetched all the user mailboxes from their respective source, all the details will be shown in the list. In case if any mailbox or multiple mailboxes are found missing from the list, they can also be manually added back in the list. For that purpose, you have to insert the email address and click on the 'Add' tab thereafter. However, if you wish to add multiple mailboxes in bulk, you have to import CSV file that contains the list, 'select_maliboxes.csv.'

The steps to manually add mailboxes are:

Step 1- Insert User Email: - The first step is to add the source user mailbox. You have to add them one after another using their respective email addresses.

Step 2- Add Mailboxes from CSV: - As mentioned above, now you have to add the source user mailboxes (in bulk) by importing csv file, i.e. select_mailboxes.csv.

Step 3- Export list to CSV: - Once done, you will have to export the list of all the user mailboxes email addresses to the CSV file.

Step 4- Select Mailboxes using CSV: - If you have to add multiple mailboxes, you have to select the user mailbox on the list by using CSV file. You must select the CSV file that contains respective email addressed of the mailboxes, i.e.add_source_mailbox.csv. 


Steps to Make User Mailbox Selection from the List: -

  • If you want to select the user mailbox, you can do it from the list that will help you to add it back to the software. Click on the checkbox in front of the user to execute this process.
  • If you want to select multiple mailboxes, you can do it by selecting CSV file. For this purpose, click on ‘Select Mailboxes using CSV’ tab. Once done, browse the CSV file of the user list, i.e. add_source_mailbox.csv.
  • Now the software will show you the message having number of matches found. In case no such message appears in front of you, the software will add the mailboxes to the list and later on you can add the required mailboxes to the software as per your wish.
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