How to Access Yahoo Mail via Third party Apps?

1For the users to access their Yahoo Mail users have to make a temporary password so that they can access the third-party application.

Process of giving the access

For giving the access to the third-party application in Yahoo Mail account, users do have to follow the below provided steps:

  1. Step 1- At first, enter the necessary credentials of your Yahoo mail account.
  2. Step 2- Now, from the top right bottom, choose the “account info” option.
Account Info
  1. Step 3- From the account security tab select the “Generate app password” option
Generate App Password
  1. Step 4- Select your choice application and give a custom name.
Custom Name
  1. Step 5- After it, click on the “generate” button

By following the above provided steps a temporary password will be created and thus by doing it you will be able to have a backup of your Yahoo emails.