How to Create App Password for Third Party Apps

To access your Gmail account with third party apps, you need to enable “less secure apps” option. But now Google No longer supports the use of third party apps or devices.

app password create

Now "App Password"is required to access third party apps

Follow these simple steps and create App Password easily

  • Login your Gmail Account and Make sure “2-step verification”option is enabled
  • If 2-step verification option is not active, then you need to enable first

Follow these steps to enable 2-Step verification option

  • Login with your Gmail account and go to Gmail Setting
  • Now click on “security” option from left side and then click on 2 step verification option as shown below
Step 1
  • Now Click on “Get Started”Button
Step 2
  • Login with Your Gmail Account
Step 2
  • Complete Mobile verification
Step 4
  • Enter verification Code
Step 5
  • And then click on "Turn On"option
Step 6
  • After enabling 2-step verification option, you need to create your app password
Step 7
  • Now click on back arrow and find "App passwords" option, click on "App Passwords" to process
Step 8
  • Now Select "Mail" in first and "windows Computer" in another Option if you want to access this password to windows computer and "Generate" Button
Step 9
  • Now you can copy provided password and easily access your account with third party apps
Step 10