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Access Database Repair

A sophisticated app to repair all MS Access files and database objects

Access Database repairing program is capable to fix all minor to major errors of MS Access 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. A purely Windows operative app, supports Windows 8, 10, Vista and XP.

  • Repair corrupted MDB and ACCDB files
  • Enable to restores all elements like index, queries, tables etc…
  • Enable to you to retrieve data of password protected modules
  • Give support to calculated data type and linked tables
  • A sophisticated and easy to use app
  • A purely Windows based utility support Windows 10/XP/Vista
  • Designed to use personally and professionally

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Key Features of Softaken Access Database Repair

Save Data at User’s Specified Location

This repair app saves the recovered data at user’s specified location. You can create a new folder or use an existed folder to save the recovered items locally in the computer.

Offer Accurate & Complete Access Database Repair

Softaken Access Repair program seamlessly repairs corrupted MDB as well as ACCDB files of the damaged MS Access database. It has capacity to repair data raised due to hardware failure, program conflicts, inconsistency in the database design etc…

Retrieve Data from Linked Tables

In case, Access database is associated with tables in another database and the data gets corrupt or damaged, use Softaken Access Database repairing app to get back the corrupted data.

Recover Relationships in the Database

Relationships play an important role in Active Database. The repairing program has capacity to repair all the details created as relationships in the damaged database.

Select Desirable Damaged Access Database Files

The program enables you to choose the damaged Access Database files that you want to retrieve. Browse folders locally. Search by name or browsing all drives and folders. Manual deep file search option is supported by the app.

Scan & Recover ACCDB Filled with Non-English

The advance tool reads the files containing any other language than English. Even though you are using MS Access in English, it reads other regional languages.

Recovery of Deleted Records

Softaken Access Repair program has this noticeable feature which performs scanning of deleted records to repair them swiftly.

Interactive Interface

The Access Database repairing app is easy to operate. All features of the program are arranged in ribbon fashion. They are self-expressive, need less technical support to operate singlehandedly.

Display Clean Preview

The repairing software enables you to verify the scanned file for consistency by showing complete preview. It shows systematic preview including two columns.

Maintain Accuracy

This advance recovery app performs holistic approach for recovery. It efficiently repairs almost all corrupted database objects like deleted records, tables, forms, modules, indexes etc..


Yes, the sophisticated app supports the feature. It scans deleted records.
The application has the feature to scan not only English but also many other languages like Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish.
Yes, it is must to install before running the app.