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MS Excel Repair

Softaken Excel Repair is a professional tool to repair damaged and corrupted Excel (.XLS/.XLSX) files

  • Complete recovery Excel files such as images, formula, sort, chartsheet etc…
  • Bulk or single XLS file recovery
  • Retains cell formatting & worksheet properties
  • Fixes error of corrupted Excel files
  • Support MS Excel versions like 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • A Windows utility, support Windows 10/XP/Vista (32+64 bit)

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Prominent Features of Excel Repairing Software

The software has unique capabilities for repairing complete MS Excel data

Easy Repair of Excel Sheets

The software minimizes the hassles of corrupted and damaged Excel workbooks. A large Excel files are prone to corrupt. The spreadsheet can get corrupt. Softaken Excel Repair makes damaged files usable again by restoring original specifications.

Resolve All Excel Corruption

The Excel Recovery tool is managed to fix all common Excel file corruption like unrecognized format. Real-time recovery of data is possible. Data accuracy is achieved every time you use the app.

Unstoppable Recovery

The recovery app implements Excel sheet without the slightest modification. The tool is equipped with recovery of single objects with layout, formatting and other properties. It restores entire properties such as numbers, texts, rules, shared formulas, contacts, notes etc…

Select Files & Folders

Only user’s specified data is recovered by the app. The innovative tool holds “Find File” feature that allows you to browse all folders and drives to select a specific Excel file for recovery.

Simple & User Friendly

The Excel Repair app has simple wizard which is self-expressive. It is easy to operate the app. All the features seem familiar with step-by-step wizard. Repair data with ease. Every time, high quality results are achieved, no matter how difficult the repairing task is.

Requirements to Run the App

A few things you need before using the app.

  • First of all close all Excel files running in the computer
  • In case you have engineering formulas in the Excel worksheet or workbook, it is must to install “Analysis ToolPak add-in.


Yes, this program is capable to repair Excel worksheet holding engineering formulas.

The software is capable to overcome various issues:

  • The file is corrupt and is not accessing
  • The document cannot be saved
  • Excel unable to access filename.xls
This app is available with lifetime validity.